Well cum to Hull

It's within perving distance, though I doubt they'll get much in the way of sales. Just constant shop lifting from all the Hull car thieves bringing their hoors on a shopping trip.


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I think its the a38 between lichfield and burton has a little chef sex shop as well.
Hull University staff are goers apparently. Bulls and interracials a speciality.
Well I'm sure it will be as well patronised as all the other "Pulse & Cocktails" joints.
Carpark full to overflowing.

"Fifty shades of Grey" sex products.
Back in the 70's I stayed in a pub - The Jolly Sailor? - in Newport, just outside of South Cave. Great place - never opened at lunchtime, opened at around 7 in the evening and didn't close until about 3 a.m. Good steaks, too.
I was there with work last week, stayed in a hotel on the top end of the Bverly Road, about 30 minutes walk into town.

Odd city, I thought, looks like it has it's fair share of problems, lots of closed or burnt out pubs on that road, along with about a dozen Polish supermarkets (sgn of the times, I suppose).

Watched a very good bout of Tramp boxing near the train station as well. I'm not sure this was council-endorsed tramp boxing, but the two cops stood near by were in no rush to split them up (although, to be fair, they probably didn't want to get White Lightining on their uniforms).

Any of you ever serve in Munster? There was a massive sex supermarket nor far from the Bahnhof, huge place, it even had trolleys.
You're just jealous!
Nope, the thought of a queue of bulls ploughing someone's wife while taking copious amounts of illegal drugs makes me want to gip.

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