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Having a look at a property at present, it is a bit run down but quite solid in structure. One of the adjoioning outbuildings has a nice solid concrete floor but in the corner there is an old "Cow Tail" type pump and to my mind that means it built over the top of a well. Question, if I ever want to build over the top of this how do I go about getting the well "capped" and who needs to be involved? I know the local building inspector dept will but I don't want to broadcast the fact just yet. Serious answers please plus an idea of cost.
Loads of older properties have capped or even uncapped wells .
For years the eldest daughter used to complain that her bedroom felt cold and damp (we live in a 120 odd year old single story lodge ) and when we did some major internal work we pulled up her floor and found that there was a 2ft 6 void under the floor boards and in one place was a 4ft square of concrete about 4 inches thick , when we slid it to one side it revealed a beautifully built well about 25 ft deep and 3ft diameter at the top opening out to around 12 ft lower down full of clean clear water. When the lodge was extended in the 20s they had simply built around it. We did look at capping it with a sheet of glass and making a feature of it in the what is now our sitting room floor but the cost of the glass was rather high to say the least.
We have not done anything to prevent us opening it up again in the future
Serious answers please plus an idea of cost.
Ring a local well drilling contractor. The well may not be under the building, but if it's structurally unsound you could fill it and cap it. You could put a plastic well casing down the hole before filling it and use a borehole pump to supply water for irrigation; you can take up to 20 m^3/day without and extraction permit ISTR.

Some hand-dug wells are works of art; it's a shame to fill them, but if it undermines a building I wouldn't have any qualms about filling it. A modern bore-hole can access deeper aquifers and the water is likely to be much cleaner.
We did one when i was a kid. the extension wall ran right over an old unmarked well. only found when digging the foundations.
one of nearly fell in with a shovel when it was found! anyway...

1. contact council, ...they probably check if its in the DoomsDay book or summat. if not a listed feature dont worry too much.

2. stick in some rebar and fill with concrete. build over it.

thats what we did in 1985ish anyway. cant have changed much.

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