Well behaved Recovery Mechanic?

Discussion in 'REME' started by CraftyJay, Sep 14, 2011.

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  1. Does anyone know of or is an (old school)reccy mech without a regi entry or the lsgc?
  2. Come again?

    You mean with the LSGC?
  3. Cant be a proper Wretched Mech without a Regimental Entry, although I would assume getting an award for bravery could possibly wipe your record clean. MBE/BEM certainly does!

  4. Most Wretched Mechs dont have Regi entries due to most of the things they could get done for are part of their Class 2 course like playing Soggy biscuit, Freckles, wearing dresses, eating turds (mars bars) homosexual activities, punching their Troopie and drunken behaviour. I know of loads of Wretched Mechs with LS&GC and gone under the radar without Regi entries.
  5. Hows u faggot Iron? out yet?
  6. Alright Iron thought they were rarer than a VM who can do electrics but apparently not cheers, Nobby your view was shared by the reccy mechs I asked and seemed to be the norm
  7. Most of the recce mechs I knew couldn't spell "LSGC"
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  8. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    FFS are you right there most of the Recce Mechs I knew were most certainly Semi Neanderthal , just getting the cnuts to grunt was a problem
  9. You were probably using the wrong means, try "throw one trackpin at a passing wobbly for yes, throw two for no"
  10. If we is on abowt spelin, yoo meen RECY (as in Recovery), Mechs (as in mechanic), one assumes ;-)
  11. Two of the most unlikely badges Ive met in the REME on the same thread who must of cheated their way through their Tiffy courses (must of been because of your attributes on the piss).....Hows it going in Civ Div Twosup and 24A now your working for a living....hope your both doing well and the COs and family are well.
  12. Oy ferrous type, I'll have you know that they gave me the LSGC to prove I never got caught doing owt wrong !!! I'm well and so is red haired zero alpha thanks, hope you and yours are in fine fettle.
  13. Easy Smudge, and Jim24 you're a ****.