well, are we living in a more decent society?

Are we living in a more decent society than a decade ago?

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  • Its better than the sleeze under the tories

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TB's last speech to the TUC BBC 12 Sep has him stating that
That is the brutal truth ... You have your difficult times and you have your better times and the decisions you take are often very, very hard to take, but actually it's a privilege to take them
and then rattles on to claim that
he believed Britain was a more "decent society" than a decade ago
. With other headlines such as crime and respect and values and education and health and Defence do we agree with his parting shots? or is it more (b)liars that we have come to expect from a party which has a geezer responsible for crime stealing rail warrants, a fat geezer responsible for the environment and housing driving big jags, stealing houses and dodging council tax and a geezer responsible for defence who did ...what exactly?

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