we'll all be in the euro army soon anyway.


The German military high command wants to create a fully fledged European army that would report to a European Union government and be financed by the European Parliament, documents obtained by the Tories show.

They claimed last night that a memorandum written by senior Germany army officials on the future of European defence proved that Tony Blair was deceiving the British people by claiming there were no plans to create a unified EU military force.
At least the boots and uniforms will be of a higher quality!


Just out of interest, where will Bliar get the troops from for the British contingent. Cadet forces maybe. :?
I've done an echange with the Krauts. there kit is pretty darn good - CBA with inbuilt water supplies? the food is great, vehicles work ( and all have little TAC signs so you know what gang this vehicle belongs to.

Plus the Flektarn cam really sets of my baby blue eyes. I would work with them, but the French????
I've also done a German exchange and agree that their kit is generally good. They even issued shoe polish! Conscripts to make coffee and keep the place clean, and the Germans have an outstanding resettlement package. They also still have a military health service with hospitals.

The French, on the other hand, do not wash, and cannot be trusted. Do we need any more reasons not to have anything to do with them?
Unfortunately for the white-cliffs-of-Dover fantasists at the Torygraph, they would need everyone else to agree. It's been German policy for donkey's years anyway. If anyone remembers, there was a plan to set up a European Defence Community back in 1954 which fell when the French parliament refused to ratify it.

Sorry for rant, bad mood..
In fact, during a Bitburger-fueleld Serious Moment we discussed the role of Germany in the modern world. We readily agreed that the next time we went to war, it would not be against each other but the French.

Large Germanic cheers all round

The Krauts even bought me a gargantuan birthday cake and presented it to me, in a formal parade, on exercise. Cannot exactly imagine the Frogs doing that....
who would join it?

Would we be used to keep the British public in line if they didnt like some Brussels policy, or would we all be posted to the Ukraine so we didnt have sympathy for the locals.

I just cant see how it can be made to work
Does this mean that Quiller and stonk can drive their large armoured vehicles around the French countryside?


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