Why is no-one pointing out the obvious? We get around 22Bn in funding annually for the Army, but the Welfare Budget was £127Bn last YEAR. ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY BILLION POUNDS!!!!!

Time to start letting people fend for themselves instead of taking my taxes to loaf around watching Richard and Judy. Ok so there are some that cannot work and need support, but £127 Bn??? Come on.

Aaarghhhh this government is so incompetent. Makes me really really angry. Will anyone actually bother to lead the country again? Or will we continue to have an endless procession of morons trying to please all the hippies and tree huggers and layabouts? No wonder the BNP are getting some support. Australia doesn't put up with this sort of nonsense.

Will anyone actually bother to lead the country again
ok stu_fin since you asked nicely Im willing to stand for the ARRSE party in the next election is anybody with me or will i just get my coat?
Erm...back in your box. You can be my Deputy Dictator. Lets face it, democracy doesn't work, thats why the Army is such a great institution!

But I have to say, after I get out (if I ever do) a career in politics could be interesting. Trouble is I say what I mean a little too bluntly.
Jash, youre not challenging Gunny for the leadership are you?


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Stu_Finn said:
Lets face it, democracy doesn't work, thats why the Army is such a great institution!

You are in some good and bad company with that comment. Churchill certainly agreed with the first part of the statement but said that it was the best system that we have. On the other hand Hitler, Hussein et al agreed with both parts of the statement and look what happened. :wink:
Stu_Finn said:
Leadership is mine!
thats fighting talk from the new guy with 7 posts!!
Its a tricky one to be honest. As the saying goes, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

I just think that there is no-one person that can actually make things happen; it all has to go through a committee, and gets diluted and made totally impotent.

Quangos left right and centre...its such a waste. There are 9 civil servants per 100 of the population and its growing. I just think that someone needs to stand up and take the UK in a better direction.
Jash, youre not challenging Gunny for the leadership are you?
oh no, but accidents do happen! :wink:
Gunny Highway
no to worry, my time as leader will come 8O
Ahhhhhh, Gunny Highway...

What an outstanding character....

Love the bit when he starts spraying the recruits with live AK 47 fire.

We'll need some of those for my party. Jash..no briefcases under the table just yet please!
Why is this thread in the NAAFI? I'm seriously interested to hear what peoiple think of the state of the country and the fact that it just isn't working.
its in sh*t state because Phoney bLiar is only interested in getting himself into the history books on par with Winston Churchill, so the country is turning into a sh*t tip, illegal immigrants are swamping the place, troops are being killed for nothing, troops are being treated like Blairs personal toys (as long as Bush oks it), we are being taxed to the hilt on fuel, insurance, speeding fines and all of their stealth taxes on god knows what.
That better?
thank you
Yeah TURP, I agree. I am just surprised that no-one speaks up in Parliament and all these politicians are so far out of touch with reality that nothing is being done. People I speak to everyday are screaming for change but the government just carries on seeing people off.

I'd slash the welfare budget, stop immigration (with notable exceptions) and start spending a bit more on education and community centres. That would provide a focus for the youth and get them into sports and reduce crime.

I'd sort out the prisons and make them a shit place to go, bring back executions for rape and murder and stop people paying such high taxes, so that we all have control over our own lives.

The forces would get a big increase in funding obviously. Tony needs a stint in Colchester.

These politicians have never done anything other than try and shmooze.

I'm on auto now...arrrghhhh