Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by elvislives, Sep 4, 2006.

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  1. I have just been reading an article in todays Telegraph and it states that whilst soldiers on operations get one 20 minute phone call a week, a criminal in a British prison is entitled to 30 minutes a week.

  2. Really? Do you have a link for this?
  3. Could not find a link online, but it is in the paper version, page 4, titled 'We're living the dream, joke soldiers streched to the limit'
    The last part reads: "Meanwhile, few troops want to engage in a conversation about the politics of what they are doing. Of far more a concern is their discussion of the fact that prisoners in British jails have a free 30 minute call home each week, while soldiers fighting in Helmand get only 20 minutes"
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  5. So

    The fact that Your thread is the first time this has been mentioned on ARRSE shows what guff this is, given "their discussion of the fact that prisoners......"

    Unless of course ARRSE isn't representative of what soldiers are discussing :roll:
  6. I have just got back from TELIC and spent an extra £5 a week on phone calls to get some extra air time so that I could talk to the wife and kids properly.

    During the tour I recieved a posting order to Germany, so the 20 mins was spent talking about moving house and not a lot else.

    Stupid injustices like this infurate me. And they wonder why people are signing off?!?!?
  7. Would You like to have the same amount of money spent on Your telephone calls as is spent on prisoners????? The allowance is somewhat less than the £5 extra You paid.
  8. It's probably not representitive of what we talk about here, but no doubt the Troop the media talked to out in theatre found it pretty damn important! We're more concerned with things like crocodile steve getting stung by a stingray than welfare minutes. When you get back out of theatre, get on leave and back to reality, welfare minutes fade from the mind somewhat.

    I reckon the reporter had it about right.
    We're given guidance on how to deal with the media, so theyre never going to get a great discussion on politics. Ask one question about welfare minutes and Bob's yer mother's brother, something the lads do have a few things to say about!

    All theatres will pull up different 'issues' that the lads talk about the most

    ARRSE is representitive of what Squaddies are talking about, but obviously not over there!
  9. It seems that, not for the first time, I was wrong in saying that squaddies haven't debated this on ARSSE (thank You, hackle). I apologize.

    However, would soldiers prefer the funding for telephone calls they get or those that prisoners get (currently around £4.50 a week I believe)
  10. Sven, yes! Soldiers would prefer the funding for telephone calls that prisoners get. At about £4.50 a week that would increase soldiers phone calls somewhat. As for the prisoners............. there's a give a sh!t factor and I don't!
  11. I am not sure but I expect you get a lot longer for £4.50/ £5 on an internal UK call than an international call from the middle east!!