Currently stuck out in the ulu on ops, only have an iridium sat phone for welfare, we have no information with the phone or paradigm welfare cards to tell us the access code, have asked RHQ but six days later still no Joy!
There is no information on Paradigm website and phonecalls/emails not being answered by Paradigm.

Can ANYONE help witrh the access code (before the brass get the Iridium phone bill in :lol:

Cheers Guys!
No promises but I'll see what I can dig up.

In the meantime it might help if you let me know what theatre you are in.
J1 Welfare at NSE/JFLogC should be the first point of contact; your CoC should have been in touch with them already but if you are remote from your RHQ contact J1 direct. They should have the access information to hand.
Information provided by ViroBono is sound. In addition; Welcome Customer Call Centre (WCCC) Helpdesk is available between the hours of 0600hrs-2200hrs Mon-Fri (BST). The Helpdesk can be called from any Paradigm phone by dialling *0 between the above hours. An answer machine is available outside of these hours.

There are currently 7 short dial numbers associated to Welfare phones, if you are still having problems please feel free to try the following:

7711 (OP Herrick)
7771 (Op Telic-Mobile)
7177 (Op Telic-Static)

If your theatre is different from above or if you are still having problems post again.
Hi, thanks for your replies, tryin the codes jestercom suggested but twith no joy, cannot use a wel;fare phone to call customer services as we do not have one! all we have is an Iridium sat phone and Paradigm welfare cards. have emailed pradigm but still no reply, and after over a week of saking still have no joy through J1 (hence the reason I am asking on ARRSE :D )


Thanks Guys!
It sounds as if you have a dedicated Ops phone (an Iridium that has been supplied from a source other than Paradigm), if this is the case your phone will not be programmed with the short dial codes.

I will be able to check your access to the welfare system if you remove the battery from the phone, release the sim from the holder and provide me with the SIM card number (Number starting with 89881 - 19 digits long), Send me this in a PM and I will check database.

You can contact Customer Services on: 0044 1438 282121 from your Iridium. If you are able to provide ID in PM I will check why you have not received a replies to mails, this is very unusual.
Rgr Jestercom, thanks for that, the irridium is a nato supplied asset (not sure if that makes any difference) I will find out the sim no and PM you as soon as it returns from its current job!

Again, many thanks!

Thanks for information. Unfortunately it would not be advisable to make Welfare calls from the current Iridium asset that you have due to its origin. Suggest that you may need to revert back to J1 NSE/JF LOG (C) to discuss Welfare Iridium elgibility.
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