welfare? where?

Oh where to start without me being agressive and nasty. Think I will start with the lovely title of Unit Welfare Office. Welfare? Where? What a wonderful concept, just a damn pity it lacks everything in practice. There are unfortunately too many numptys in charge of unit welfare when they shouldn't be left in charge of the welfare of a pet rabbit.

The new excuse to hit the spouses is "no one attends the do's", so we won't bother organising anything. Have to blame the wives cos they are always at each others throats! Evil sad slappers, none of them are any good! Tut Tut naughty thoughts!!!
But hey if the unit welfare office can think it ..... so can I!!!

So gentlemen (and the odd lady uwo) get your fingers out of your butts, start caring about people's WELFARE and do what you are in that job for. Passing the buck is not going to work for long!
Major, i see you are in catterick, funny that, so am i! and i now exactly what you mean, i go to kosovo soon and when i asked my uwo what they were doing for the wifes and kids whilst we were away i was told " theres not much for us to do, the husbands get a strop on if we try, and the wifes dont want anything done for them, but there is always the garrison" which by the way is of no use to familys, so my heart goes out to you!

( your not a medic are you? !!)
Well ... the experience you quote is not the same for other Garrisons around the country where UWOs have been doing a really excellent job in difficult circumstances. The Commanding Officer is responsible for his UWO - any problems then make sure he (or his wife) knows.
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