Welfare support - what welfare support

In the good old days the Salvation Army and YMCA and other organisations ran clubs, pubs and social centres for soldiers and their families so that they had a place to go but more importantly there was somewhere they could in chatting to the staff let their fears, concerns, rants come out outside the chain of command and be guaranteed an ear that will listen. With the closure of the YMCA in JHQ and in other places across Germany we are seeing this eroded so that NAAFI can take over with spotty 18 year olds who don’t give a F***. Another example of welfare support being taken away cause the CoC isn’t doing anything in addition................
Joe squaddie is now treated as a cash cow. By NAAFI or starve. I even heard that in Fally they tried to ban take aways from being delivered into camp. PAYD and JPA are just another nail in the coffin for me. What ever happened to the duty of care to look after our soldiers?
bullshit said:
thats what happens when a monopoly takes over (PAYD) - you can switch off as the customer has no more choice!
Whilst I sympathise with the way NAAFI may not be flavour of the decade in Germany, they will only provide what the Chain of Command requires. Use the system to make your feelings known and make specific examples of where the system is failing - only then can changes be made.

PAYD is there to bring choice to the individual by switching-off food charge deductions - no more. It's just unfortunate that you and all your fellow 'customers' who are dissatisfied with the service NAAFI provides, fail to let them and the CoC know through the mechanisms in place to monitor what NAAFI delivers.

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