Welfare Phone Card

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by DeeJay, Jun 7, 2010.

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  1. During a discussion a couple of days ago the subject of using pre-paid welfare phone cards on military networks came up.

    Having never bought one myself can anyone enlighten me as to how much Paradigm are charging a minute for people to use an MoD network to call the UK?
  2. Not sure about the pre-paid over the counter ones, but I know that you can top up the buckshee 30 mins a week on your issue Paradigm welfare cards by paying by credit card, I did this for the first half of Herrick 10 'cos the missus was heavily pregnant and I wanted frequent updates...

    It worked out that £10 bought approx 3 hrs for calls to a UK or German landline, though this halved to around 1hr 30 mins if you were calling mobile or other international numbers.
  3. I gather you are talking about not on Ops, If so I used to do it in Germany when I lived in for a bit and didn’t have a phone in my room. Bought them from behind the bar (about 10 Euros for an hour IICR), the only issue I had was finding a phone with an international outside line.

    If you are talking about Ops, you can top up your issue one to supplement the 30 free minutes a week, but I don't know the current costs and therfore have not answered the question :D :D
  4. No I am talking about on ops. The issue I have is that the MoD is paying Paradigm for satellite time for our operational systems and then Paradigm are selling time on those systems to mil personnel.