Welfare Packs to troops in Iraq / Afghanistan

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by DublinDes, Feb 7, 2008.

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  1. Just found your site last week, it is with some sense of dread that i disclose that i was in the RAF for 3 years, even worse than that, i was an RAF Copper.

    From what i've seen my old trade within the RAF is not that popular with you Army types! I was bored off my head doing it and met some real ********* too (Mainly Rock Apes). Couldn't wait to PVR and i joined the old bill about 13 years ago.

    Anyway, thats given you enough ammo to give me a proper slagging off. Moving on, i'd like to say that this is a cracking site, much better than E Goat which is ******* dull unless you want to talk about what a good aircraft the Lightening was. The Walt stuff is brilliant, i had know idea about these people and it had me laughing out loud.

    My Old man did 22 years in the Army (Royal Armoured Corps) and at 76 years of age is still dedicated to his regiment (Even if the Cnut government did amalgamate it). He has been watching the Ross Kemp thing, and reading Soldier, and wants to know if he can send welfare packs to the blokes out in Iraq and Afghanistan?

    If the answer is yes, he needs to know where to send them and more importantly, what should go in them. Can any of your posters who've been out there advise? The old boy is desperate to do something and to feel involved and if i'm not careful he'll end up sending out what he thinks you'll need. (Fine if you like curry powder, socks and soap.)

  2. DublinDes, your dad sounds like a top bloke and I thank him for his kind thoughts and future deeds.

    Welfare packs. Hmmm. I think the best bet, unless someone from theatre can say otherwise, is to write on them what they are, and address them to "a soldier". If he wants to send them to a specific place like Helmand he could write that on to.

    As for what to put inside, the list is endless, and I am sure they will get passed around until everyone gets a bit, these presents are not wasted. Curry powder would probably go down a treat in someplaces. But even mundane stuff like a bag of M&Ms can raise morale at times.

    I'll have to ask some lads who have just come back from Iraq what they would have wanted, and a quick check on the welfare parcel front.

    I think there could be a website now, he could donate to. I know it is less personnel than doing it himself, but he could still feel like he is doing his bit.

    What was his unit? Are they out there? He could send the parcels to them.

    I know when I was out on Telic (name dropping), we tried to get one of the lads to write back to every sender. Some of the schools even got little presents back from us, like badges and (I kid you not) sand.

  3. DD PM on its way
  4. You can send them free up to a certain weight (don't know what it is, check with the post office or some good soul here will post it I'm sure).

    Don't stress about being a former snow drop - better than being a pebble monkey any day ;)
  5. Dublin Des see my thread in Charities page I am trying to get a scheme of the ground to send stuff out to the lads

    our website is www.freewebs.com/parcels4troops/index.htm

    Any help we can give is on website contact me on here or on website for more information. I have send 65parcels now and i am supporting soldiers. The post office does not like 'a soldier' chocolate they prefer names, my parcels go through MOD to soldiers who receive little mail.
    Support our troops at www.freewebs.com/parcels4troops/index.htm
  6. The packages must be no more than 2lbs in weight and it is free to send them to Telic and Herrick.
    Dont send chocolate, as it melts :wink:
  7. Address your parcels to Private

    23456789 Pte Nomail.
    "x" Bn the "Y" regiment
    BFPO "Whatever"

    Get the idea? They do get there aslong as you get the unit name and BFPO correct. The posties at the other end get the message and normally pass it on to the Figians who for some reason on the whole get fcuk all post!
  8. He is a good old boy, thats for sure. He joined up in 1949 having come from a very deprived part of Dublin. He loved the Army and still does. His old Regiment was 4th/7th Royal Dragoon Guards. They amalgamated with the 5th Iniskillens. A "crime" that he will never forgive!

    They are now the Royal Dragoon Guards and interestingly enough are in Iraq right now. He would like to send them some stuff but his real goal is to get some stuff out to the lads in those shitholes in Afghanistan. He's seen the Ross Kemp programmes and remarked on how poor the facilities where for the young soldiers out there. I think this months soldier has some articles about it as well. He was in Aden and a few other places (bars in Germany i think) and says that he'd like to help out.

    Thanks for the replies. Anyone able to give me the BFPO numbers for Herrick and Telic?
  9. Dublin des check PM m8
  10. Also try addressing it to a title, example.

    Plt Sgt/CSM/RSM
    1/2/3/MORTARS/SF Platoon
    A/B/C/SUPPORT/HQ/ Company

    then writing a letter inside the box stating its for the lads and he should distrib accordingly.
  11. Herrick BFPO 715, 755, 758, 764, 772, 792
    all are free post
  12. Hi I'm getting lots of you good folk reading my posting if you would like to donate to parcels4troops there is now a paypal link on the contact us page on the website.
    If you can help us please do, I guarantee every penny donated will be used to send goodie parcels to the lads and lassies in theatre.
    support our troops at