Welfare Offices FFS!!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by B_AND_T, Jul 30, 2010.

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  1. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    In my not so illustrious career I have served with various unit / Regiments and have had dealings with the welfare offices. Not for welfare reasons, apart from Hospital Tpst for Mrs B&T, but mostly run of the mill mundane shite. So have been good, some have been bad and some indifferent.

    I have had some very good welfare officers but I have also had the shite ones that forget they are not RSM anymore. The civvy that will go out of the way to help and the others that thinkthe world owes them a favour. The SNCO who puts his heart into the job and the ones that think the job is demeaning and they have been passed over. What is wrong with these people.

    I have just been posted to a new unit and after my first few dealings with my new one I have come to the conclusion that in the whole they a fcuking useless.

    So any good / bad experiences?
  2. Not get what you want then? Did they not do what you want? Did they tell you that it was inadvisable?

    " Not for welfare reasons, apart from Hospital Tpst for Mrs B&T, but mostly run of the mill mundane shite."

    So why are you fecking bothering them then! You appreciate they may have other more pressing 'Welfare' things to do than 'mundane shit'?
  3. ... because usually 'welfare issues' come with a shite load of admin that has to be dealt with by some poor spammed AGC NCO who can hold a pen the correct way round. I would assume that ensuring the correct forms have been filled out in a legible manner is rather mundane, expecially when you have to return them again and again to the same aforementioned welfare orifice mong who cannot follow basic instructions nor read.

    <apologies all, I'm not one myself, but feel sorry for clerks. I mean you lot have to admit it - it's a shit stag>
  4. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Not what I want???? Like advice on schools, just moved to the area, housing etc. Nope I did not get that.

    Not do what I want??? Havn't asked them to do anything beyong there remit.

    Inadvisbale? Never reared it's ugly head.

    " Not for welfare reasons, apart from Hospital Tpst for Mrs B&T, but mostly run of the mill mundane shite."

    [/QUOTE]So why are you fecking bothering them then! You appreciate they may have other more pressing 'Welfare' things to do than 'mundane shit'?[/QUOTE]

    Yes I do understand they have more pressing issues,

    Pte Scroatbags cat keeps shitting on my lawn.
    My 17 year old wife is leaving me for the 13th time.
    If I don't get a new posting I will hang myself.

    Although, joking aside, they, in general, do a reasonable job.

    The hospital tpst for Mrs B&T was for her and the kids to visit me whilst I was in. I could not fault my last unit on the help they provided in that department.

    I was more on about the types of people who work in them.
  5. There's a new AWS building opened here in Aldershot...they'll clamp you if you park there!
    Let's just say my judgement is being reserved.
  6. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Unlike your parking space :)
  7. I may be biased but I think we are pretty good here in Windsor.
  8. Could this be a prime example of the Army reflecting British society generally?
  9. In my last unit, somewhere near SPTA, we had a civil servant clerk in our welfare office called Stinky Pete. Absolutely atrocious, could only be trusted to answer the phone. The unit actually borrowed an NCO RLC Dvr on the black economy to do the clerking. Completely barking mad. Thankfully the Welfare WO was an LSL ninja!
  10. Ive never really had the need to use them, I actually feel sorry for some of the people who work there who have to put up with badmin cases. They can't tell people to man the fuck up for minor problems anymore, but spend time going through the procedures because Pte Bloggs says he's getting picked on.

    Saying that, some of the scandal and gossip you get off the people working there is great. Confidentiality my arse.
  11. I had mixed dealings with them during my time. The AWS were absolutely superb in dealing with my situation and I honestly can't fault the two WOs who I came across.

    However, the unit welfare officer ........ you hit the stereotype right on the head B_AND_T. The ex-RSM who thinks he's been given a bum deal by being given the job on commissioning. Finds himself in a unit he considers as REMFs and in need of some discipline. Great character for a welfare officer. The ex-Royal Signals one at my unit got the sack after 1 month because people started going to other units' welfare officers rather than him. Maybe he was using reverse psychology there.
  12. Not sure if there's a trend going on but we (SSAFA) are seeing more serving soldiers because the Families Officer tells them to just come to us probably because he can't be arsed to deal with it.
  13. I had a mate who worked in the Bn welfare office. He said it was a shit job, his main gripe was having to deal with wives who wanted them to feed/walk dogs because they were going away for a week and other assorted shit jobs while the Bn were on tour.

    All our welfare officers we've had since I've been in have been good blokes and all left the RSM mentality behind them whilst doing this job. (Not that I'm a welfare case of course)
  14. It could be because SSAFA are better at dealing with it. Most staff in a welfare office are squaddies who have been spammed.
  15. I am the SSAFA Rep for my unit and I work along side the Welfare Staff (one ex Officer, one Sgt) we work together to make sure that everything gets dealt with by the appropriate person, I tend to sort alot of the wifeys and tell them when they are taking the p1ss and stop them eating the Welfare Sgt alive during the monthly wifeys meeting, the Sgt is awesome and sorts the soldiers and the ex officer does...erm...well he goes to meetings. All in all I feel that everyone gets the best that's available to them. As for the original gripe on local information etc, to be fair we don't deal with that, that is what the Hive is there for and we direct people there, if I am in the office and its something specific they are after then I will try to help as well as sending them to the Hive, haven't had any complaints yet.