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Discussion in 'Gunners' started by annie1969, Jan 10, 2013.

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  1. Hi. I've been trying to phone the Welfare Officer at one of the barracks for a couple of days now but he never seems to be there. Is there a good time to phone, does he have certain hours that he will be in his office, or are all barracks different? Thanks.
  2. They're not normally in the office. Is there anyone else you can call to get in touch with him?
  3. Most units have a duty welfare mobile - number available through the guardroom. Also all Welfare Offices I have known have an answer phone which lists the duty mobile number. They don't just sit in the office you know, they do get out and about - visits, meetings, community groups etc.


  4. It's only his number on letter. It's not important. He doesn't seem to know that the boy blunder has been discharged. I keep getting monthly up-dates about the tour and how well he's doing on it but today the letter is inviting me down for a power point presentation of the tour. It's just to let him know i'll not be coming. I'll keep trying.
  5. It's really not that important to bother him on a mobile but thanks anyway.