welfare not warfare

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by back_bone_of_the_corps, Aug 25, 2006.

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  1. Obviously because of Opsec, i cannot reveal too much about where i am and blah blah blah, you all know the score. I wish to express my anger at the decision of a "senior" officer to withdraw welfare privalages at a certain camp in af certain ghan theatre stan. I was sure that blanket punishment had finished and yet i and the rest of us serving here, given the time difference from this theatre to uk, find that we cannot make calls or email at certain times for the next week. It is fine if you are privalaged and have these facilities in your office, but like the majority of soldiers out here, we do not have that privalage. Yet again, the majority suffer because some tw@ decides that because of one persons actions we must all do without. This has more implications than the "Punisher" can begin to think of, hang on, he can't think, he has no mind.

    If only the coprs was left in the hands of those who know best, yes you guessed it, THE JNCO!!!
  2. Is it legal to withdraw welfare facilities?

    Write to the Scum.
  3. Hey, Spineless.

    Are you going to turn down your promotion if you ever get selcted to be promoted to the Sgts Mess. Thought not.
  4. right, that rant's gonna get things changed, thought not.

    and yet again we look like a bunch of whingeing cnuts on this site (and outside).
  5. That is a valid excuse to whinge polar, no welfare when in afghan? it's bullsh1t.....................typical corps bullsh1t!!!!
  6. Gawd... I posted on auto pilot. 'Corps bullshit'? maybe a last ditch attempt @ discipline?
  7. Perhaps if those for whose benefit the particular welfare facility was supplied in the first place didn't 'trash' it and commit willful vandalism, the restrictions on using it wouldn't now be in place...??

    Just a thought..........
  8. Yep, agree entirely with Santa_Sunday. Your welfare facilities have NOT been withdrawn and it is perfectly reasonable practice for them to have limited hours of use, this is not blanket punishment, it can be qualified in many, many ways.
    I see you have taken the time and effort to gripe on here and cant help but wonder if you have taken the same amount of time and effort to address whoever it is that has gotten this limited access introduced. I suspect that you havent.
    Have you spoken to your chain of command to ensure that they are completely in the loop with regards to who has abused, damaged, destroyed or compromised this facility? If they are kept informed of who is responsible or if those that have done it are 'encouraged' to own up to their own actions, it is likely that things will be seen in a completely different light. If you have done these things then.... unlucky, we are all team players in this job and our teams are only as strong as the weakest link (cliche I know). If you havent done any of the things I have mentioned then you have no purpose being on here whining like a child who has had his toy taken off him.

    Either way....... soldier on big lad! I am sure that a weeks limited access is not the end of the world!
  9. Jesus Christ can someone in Afghanistan bang some heads and get this sorted out, stop the crying its embarrasing. All the best.
  10. Bang on the money. Stop whining. You are lucky that this facility even exists. Get your nose to the grindstone and grip the d1ckhead who damaged the facility. Stop whining on here and grow a pair.
  11. 21st century guru, get with the programme. I know welfare wasn't around in WWII when you were in.
    Taking privaleges away from everyone for one persons' error is not the way to handle this. It may be the 'easiest' way for the 'punisher' to deal with it, but not the right way, morally.

    Also, gripping the culprit doesn't do alot either.............Rank has no meaning in todays army - its who you know that counts.
  12. What a steaming pile of shite. You ARE lucky the facilty exists. I "experienced" the OWP on Telic 1 d*ckhead. It is pretty simple really. If the culprit hasn't got the swingers to admit to it, then the withdrawl of the facility to all is EXACTLY the correct thing to do. As you move up the food chain you might be able to work it out. You might want to question who is at fault here. The powers that be for wanting to protect a facility for the good of all, or the steaming shithead that caused the damage. As for rank having no meaning - you pop into the Badges office and let him know your thoughts on the subject.

    You are a t1t.

    I fully expect more incoming your way.
  13. Well I don't know the full facts, but from post no. 1 onwards its clear their has been a problem. From your point of view, many were using the facility and caused no problem but clearly an element were abusing this.
    Are they totally blamelesss? and their wasn't some JNCO's turning a blind eye to some mild anti-social behaviour.

    I get really narked when I have to discipline Siggies, if I have to, then something is going wrong, to my mind its JNCO's not doing their job.
  14. welfare on ops in afghan, i am led to believe is of a good standard,never had internet ,showers and proper flushing toilets oh and a market on a friday..on the hill top sites outside sarejevo(96) or goles heights, pristina(99) .stop f ucking moaning about it, and if you are really cheesed off ask to swop with one of the lads in the 3 para battlegroup, im sure you wont have time to access this site and whinge!
  15. Blanket punishments like this are a bit harsh. I can't see why the muppet trashed the facilities in the first place though, that is the act of a knob. As for all those out there swinging the lantern saying "we didn't have OWP in ......, in my day" etc this is the 21st century and things have improved since Telic. We had a pretty good OWP in Afghanistan in 2002 3 months after we went in. Each troop had 2 phones and we had internet access in brigade HQ.
    Restricting access to the facility will protect it, however think how p155ed off you would be if you managed to get into camp after x amount of weeks and wanted to call home and you couldn't because somebody (who more than likely has internet access in their office) has in their wisdom decided to lock the phones up. The only times in 12 months in Kosovo the phones were locked was when there had been accidents involving casulties. Even the Staffords (whose management took no shi'ite and would throw blanket drinking bans around at the slightest sniff of any trouble) never withdrew welfare facilities because they realised they are integeral to morale. Actions such as these will only encourage guys to sign off because they are getting p155ed off with being treated like kids.