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Welfare - Mental Health


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But sometimes I get really bad suicidal thoughts I don’t want to be discharged because I’d never act on them

firstly your health is way more important than any job.

Many people successfully get through this kind of thing and continue in their jobs
Please no piss takes or digs unless genuinely funny..

I’ve only been in a year had a really hard upbringing with family life and my step Dad being an emotional abusive alcoholic throughout my childhood. I joined like many others to escape this to better myself and keep myself on the right path.
However I’ve suffered for many years with ‘low moods’ as I realise this is different from depression but while being in the Army over the last 6 months it’s changed drastically from low moods to serve depression while I’ve been on long term leave due to COVID 19.

I rang and have tried talking to friends and family but the depression keeps coming back every other day making it impossible to help myself and go out for walks/ runs while I’m off work or do things I enjoy.

I’ve started to get bad suicidal thoughts and hear voices I’ve been in contact with the DCMH but like I said I’m not going to kill myself so really want to avoid getting discharged from the army so early into my career how likely this if anybody knows? Also whats the procedure like with the DCMH or how does it work?
Any tips/ advice is greatly appreciated!

You're intelligent and self aware; that's a huge advantage.

Recognising a problem to be addressed is vastly better than being an unaware victim of a condition.

It's part of you, in a similar way to a scar or any physical condition-diabetes, asthma- to be lived with rather than 'cured'.

Best of luck.


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I don’t want to risk it

Then you have little chance of getting any better and eventually maybe lose your job anyway as it becomes an issue

you won't be able to hide it forever

what if the suicidal thoughts take over?


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I don’t think they will and I won’t let them

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you've come here for help but don't seem to want any.

I have dealt with many people who had low mood, depression, and so on. there is no magic cure

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