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I need to pick your brains. A friend of mine is a retired ATO. Recently he has had a really nasty stroke, which has left him with restriced speach and movement. He has had to give up work and he and his wife are living on the minimum of benefits. They are in real need of advice with regard to what they can claim. His wife's Mum and Dad are paying their mortgage and they are in danger of losing their house. Who should they go to for advice is it the Army Benevolant fund or SAAFA. Any advice would be welcome, I am up on Police welfare but at a loss with green support


To add to what others have said.
As an individual it is a waste of time approaching ABF direct as they have to pass to Regt/Corps Association, who will pass it to SSAFA to do the case work.
Best approach contact SSAFA as a first port of call.


LondonExPlod said:
Hi Guys

They are in real need of advice with regard to what they can claim.
The RBL also have trained benifit advisors working in some CABs in the UK. Don't forget that there are also some helpful people working in the DWP itself.
There is a benefit adviser on www.direct.gov.uk that you can do a quick estimation on. I think they should be getting DLA or AA for the man who has had the stroke, income support or pension credit depending on their age and possibly carers allowance for the wife. Some of these are means tested and some aren't. They need urgent advice.

Contact CAB or Welfare Rights locally, I know our local WR do outreach which involves them calling at the customer's home to look over their paperwork and establish their financial position.

I hope they get help soon.

Annie (DWP employee)

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