Welfare help needed regarding posting to Germany-URGENT

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by OshkoshGuru, Mar 26, 2008.

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  1. I'm due to report to my new unit on mon 31st March (3 Bn REME) and have just been told my new quarter will not be available until the 18th of April (Detmold).
    My problem is, my unit are on leave and I am unable to get in touch with anybody.

    I am due to book in on the 31st then go on leave until 11th of April when I'll be sent on exercise back in the uk until 29th April.
    My wife doesn't drive, doesn't know any German, has never lived outside of the UK and we have an 18 month old daughter, all that on top of the fact that with me out of the country my wife will have to try to arrange all the march out and removals stuff. How will my family move to Germany when it's already been arranged that they are to travel with me?

    I need to know if I definitely need to report on the 31st to book in or if the clerks can put me on the system, I don't see the point of going all the way to Germany for one day then having to come back. If I could stay here till the 11th and deploy on exercise it would save me nearly £500 and I could take care of all the admin needed to move my family abroad.

    If there are any welfare people, or any senior ranks within 3 Bn, available to help me I would very much appreciate it, I've already left messages with the welfare officer and duty orderly officer.
  2. I read your post (because I'm a nosey b1tch) and wonder if (because the Charities and Welfare forum tends to be about raising dosh for worthy causes) you might not be luckier posting in the REME forum? (Or does RHQ (Personnel, Pay and Discipline) cover dis tort o' ting?
  3. Next time don't leave it last minute.com to sort out your admin.
  4. Nice one "andy102". If you read the effin post you'll see the bit in bold may be part of his problem.

  5. Andy102 you are a cock - read the post properly!

    Some people just need a little help and guidance
  6. I don't know if you're aware, but until you get allocated a quarter, you are unable to bring your family to Germany, so that would rule out booking a ferry. Also, without the address, 'admin' such as home and car insurance, removals and postal redirection cannot be arranged. Removals require a weeks notice, and a further week to deliver. Booking a march out needs 17 days notice.
    My admin would have been sorted if I had had a house to move my family to by my reporting date.
  7. So if you know all this why did you not chase it up
  8. I did, my housing and removals application was put in 3 months ago, when I got my posting order.
    I was given a non-availability for housing in Paderborn/Sennelager 2 weeks ago, the housing office told me that I was fourth on the list and I should be given a quarter 'soon'. They were aware of my reporting for duty date and said all I could do was apply for retention of my current quarter, which I did.

    My problem is, I am supposed to report on monday to book in and then go on leave until the 11th of April, so essentially I am going to have to drive to Germany for one day, book in and then return home a few days later. I can't book a return ferry as I don't know the day I'll be coming back, so £140 each way plus fuel costs.

    I then go on exercise on the 12th until the 29th which is over the period I am supposed to take over my quarter so as well as packing my exercise kit, am I supposed to take along everything else I need, including my car!

    The alternative of course, is to go to Germany for the 31st March and live in the block unaccompanied until I go on exercise, easy enough for me if I was single, but I'm not and to expect my wife to be able to take care of everything is not fair. It's not just a case of giving her a list of phone numbers and people to speak to, once the removals have been, my wife would need to have with her all the essentials to travel (by plane) to a foreign country along with my 18 month old daughter.
    I am unable to add my wife onto my bank account to set up a shared account, so what does she do for money when she won't see me for a month, she can't set up a German bank account without me.

    Not so easy is it?
  9. Can your family extend in current SFA whilst you travel over on a duty troop transport?

    If not then every camp has a welfare house, often 2 or 3. Ask for those, that will sort your missus and and kid out. A furnished house is a furnished house.

    As for belongings and transport- sorry, still a crow, don't know much about that.

    A nationwide bank account offers free access to your money from any german ATM (on the slim chance you have a NW account).


    Don't use it. By a 24 hour return pass for the channel tunnel which is 22 quid each way. Throw the return away. When you have to come back just buy another 24 hour pass. You have saved 50% if you do it that way.

    If you mean the Harwich ferry then take the chunnel instead.

    in reality the distance you drive is only an extra 100 miles or so, so maybe 25 quid in petrol. The extra 90 mins driving is worth the saving.
  10. How much disturbance allowance are you getting?
  11. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
    1. Battlefield Tours

    I wouldn't advise using the Harwich Ferry now. The HSS Cats have been taken off & although Stena advertise for cars in reality it is geared for truckers.
    I spent a boring 5 hours on the thing last year!
  12. That's why I said take the chunnel - it's a longer drive but works out cheaper :D
  13. Can't you ring the operator and find the duty officer's number? Failing that, get back to the Housing office who gave you the info and ask them for a 3 Bn duty number.

    [Think outside the box? I didn't know there was a box!]
  14. Bore off you f*cking chopstick he is looking for a bit of help regardless of how he got to this point....can see you'll be a popular chap here
  15. seconded. oxygen thief.