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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by chrissy1984, Aug 22, 2007.

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  1. Hi there guys, i've put together a couple boxes worth of stuff to send out to any soldier in afgh. I haven't got a scooby who to post it to (regt. and who it's c/o), where to take it to be despatched etc. I'm also a bit worried that my efforts are in vain because i've read elsewhere that packages are known to be returned.

    There is a thread i read last night where a mother of someone who's been deployed over in afg posted a link, care of 'viking soldier' (royal anglians i think). I could use that if i could find it but maybe if the anglians are already getting welfare packages then perhaps there is another regt. who whould benefit from the ones i've got. scots guards? whoever really.

    if anybody could help me out here with as much info on getting this stuff posted out to the guys out there, it would be greatly appreciated.


    edit: wrong section to post this in, i've just realised! sorry, couldn't think of where to put it.
  2. Chris, I take it this is the thread you're referring to: http://www.arrse.co.uk/cpgn2/Forums/viewtopic/t=75002/postdays=0/postorder=asc/start=0.html

    Address from above thread:

    Viking Soldier
    Camp Bastion
    BFPO 792

    Another idea is you could join a penpal site and get a name/address from there - at least it'd be a start. One such is site http://uk.groups.yahoo.com/group/Forcespenpals/

    As for how to send your parcel/s, just take them to a post office. Max. weight is 2kg, size limit is Length + Depth + Width = 900mm with greatest single dimension not greater than 600mm and you'll have to attach a customs label (CN22). See the BFPO website for more info about what you can/can't send etc: http://www.bfpo.mod.uk/faqs.htm#faqsoptelic

    Just a note though - from BFPO website:
  3. thanks alot for the info there. much appreciated

    edit: are you able to post tobacco?

    basically, i've got stuff like batteries, ibuprofen/paracetamol, fags + tobacco, magazines, boiled sweets and even some pepperami in there! is all that legit does anbody know?
  4. Good for you Chrissy, if a bloke ever wonders why the hell he is on OPs a package from a total stranger at least lets him know hes not forgotten.

    On the way to the Falklands in '82 i got a package of about 30 letters from Infants from my old school, all wishing me luck in their amusing, simple and childlike way, some nice art work as well. wasnt a parcel of goodies but it sure boosted my morale.

    Although only a callow youth of 19 it still was quite a moving experience going back when the dust had settled and thanking them.
  5. I, and I'm sure many others, can remember getting parcels from schools, businesses and joe public whilst in the sandy places the first time around in '90, how come nothing of this magnitude has been repeated. It was nice to have a parcel/letter from a complete stranger sent to you and made you feel that you were doing a good job. Anyone agree. And as HtheB said meeting and thanking them was a moving experience especially if from a school, who were just glad to see you back and they were just sent to a soldier, sailor or an airman.
  6. Mail prohibitions: http://www.bfpo.mod.uk/mail_prohibitions.htm

    I sent batteries to Mr Mouse_Potato when he was in Iraq with no probs, and Royal Mail's website says "batteries may only be sent in their original packaging." Can't see why tobacco would be a problem & magazines are fine although you're not meant to send porn/lads mags, but many do. Other than that I've got no idea!

    If you want to double check anything then give the BFPO Customer Services Centre (general enquiries - letters & parcels) a call on 08457697978 or email them at bfpoccu@qcis.mod.uk
  7. This would be greatly appreciated by the guys on ops - when I worked with US troops in Baghdad, I was amazed at the amount of stuff sent by "a well wisher", by "the children of Random School Ohio" and "so and so group from New York". We had MFO size boxes (well almost) arriving at least every other day and would dish it out to all the units in the region (we were theatre logistics).

    That is one difference I noticed between our transatlantic cousins and UK public - the people may not agree with the situation, but they will support the troops in this way regardless. My unit only received one parcel from an "outsider" when on a TELIC tour - a cake from an old lady with a picture of her dog - she had written to the same Staff Appointment in Bde HQ since TELIC 1! I got to write back thanking her and wishing her well. Maybe we just weren't as popular as US Loggies....!
  8. Perhaps you're looking for this kind of thing?

    It's quite new but the idea is to help get folk to send letters and parcels to squaddies. With parcels free soon, hopefully loadfs of people will get involved.

    Please spread the word (thought this link had been posted elsewhere)
  9. Know from experience that receiving care packages is a huge morale booster so the wife and I have routinely sent them to deployed friends and their outfits.

    Heh... as a entertaining surprise we replace the contents of vanilla playing card packages with risque ones. :D
  10. Thought this is relevant to this thread as RM have now announced dates for free postage to Iraq & Afghanistan.