Welder - royal engineers or royal electrical mechanical engineers?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Jww, Aug 15, 2011.

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  1. Jww


    I'm considering joining the british army as a welder or as some kind of metal worker, i have just obtained my advanced apprenticeship in fabrication and welding, i looked on the army website under role finder and "welder" was listed under royal engineers, i've got a lot of friends in army and they all are confident a welder or any metal worker is in REME? any welders in army provide any information on this, i can't see the official army website being wrong? if it is reme would i have to do combat engineer training, clearing mines and explosives and stuff? also do you get any certs like coded welding etc.? thanks
  2. combat engineer training, clearing mines and explosives not reme BUT RE.
    not every welder gets coded etc BUT some do dependant on posting etc etc.
    good luck.
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  3. You have REME METALSMITH requiring D grades English Lang, Science, Maths where you will be welding, metal bending on vehicles and equipment (and making Oil drum BBQs during the summer months)orRE Fabricator with same grades where your a Combat Engineer firstly then trade is fabricating on building work.........both trades do work together and very worth while and not many vacancies available.
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  4. Jww


    Thanks for information guys.