Welcomed with open arms?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Whistleblower, Feb 9, 2008.

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  1. That's racist if it was any kind of ethnic group minus the English/welsh/Scots the journo scum would be all over it
  2. oh for christ sake this is so common now it infuriates me. it seems pretty soon that we will need terps to understand our own officers
  3. I had a very similar experience when applying for the BTP a few years ago.

    I had noticed that most of the BTP probies on the station turnstiles were either young black/asian females or young white females.

    Didn't take a genius to work out was was going on ....

    If I decide to go on tour later this year, then at least I know that unless I come back with an extreme sun tan and magically grow a pair of tits then I've got no fcuking chance.
  4. Let's hope he sues the Met for millions, and they have to sell a few of their 'Brazilian Blasters' to recompense him.
  5. If you do develop chebs then I will be happy to check them out for you.
  6. Sixty

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    Presumably 'Bloke applies to a force who aren't recruiting and is told that they aren't recruiting' wouldn't have been a snappy enough headline?

    Met Recruitment.
  7. The Met might want to tell the official Police recruitment website that they're not recruiting. According to the website they are recruiting until 31st March 2008.
  8. Don't the Met ever learn? They been caught out for this before and been spanked.
  9. The site clearly shows that the Met does want uniformed constables, but they're not willing to pay for their training; they're looking for "Experienced Police Officers - Transfer" and "Experienced Police Officers - Rejoiner".

    Among a host of other civilian posts, they also have the following on offer:

    Even Orwell would have balked at the possibilities that title implies.
  10. I applied to join the fire service as a retained firefighter a year or so ago. I turned out to a selection evening with about 20 other people.

    There was a girl who turned up late, had to phone her friend for 'moral support', and then refused to undertake any of the tests. She was selected.

    There was a black lad with a truly horrendous attitude who had come along with his mate, with no intention of joining. They all but begged him to join.

    Of the 15 or so fit, young and keen white lads also on the course, only a couple of us were asked to return. Apparently, they were 'especially keen to receive applications from disabled persons, ethnic minorities and females'.
  11. As some will know on here I have recently been rejected for service with the police as I failed to show respect for race and diversity. As a white, heterosexual ex forces male you havent got much chance at all at getting in the police these days.
  12. What's a regimental police officer?
  13. Shamelessly stolen from Arrsepedia

    Regimental Police. The RSM`s henchmen. Usually suffering from SMS (Small man syndrome) they insist on walking instep even when out with the wife and kids. The keepers of camp discipline and the keys to the wheel clamps!

    Usually found lurking around the guard room with their Lance Corporal tape flagged by big fuk off R and P either side, made of brasso that some sus has to clean daily. Also known to carry a shitty version of a pace stick.
  14. RP staff, they tell you to stay off the grass, tell you when you're parked in the wrong place and get to thrash people on ROPs and look after detainees if the guardroom has cells