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Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Bad CO, Apr 20, 2004.

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  1. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

    Its come to my attention that we appear to have been visited by large numbers of our 'cousins' from over the pond due to some internal family politics. Guys, please feel free to make yourself at home ( I notice most of you already have!) and I hope you enjoy the slightly different ambience that we have on this site.

    Any problems then the Good CO, myself or the mods should be able to help. I'm also sure that the troops will help out with any minor language difficulties you may have with words like fanny, fag and ******!

  2. Thank you Bad CO,
    many of us septics have been members of this board for a while, prior to the Hatfield McCoys episode and have found it quit informative entertaining and funny.

    Can you do something about Flash though he keeps humping my leg and licking off his own goo 8O

    Great site good work and hats off to you and the Admins, excellent site.
  3. Thanks Bad Co. Agree with ctauch, great site.

  4. When you write "fanny" do you not mean "FANY" as this is a military site............. :?:
  5. the americans call slags tramps,tramps bums,bums fannies,and fannies pussies,do they call pussies dogs? strange considering that we all speak the same language! oh and spelling sox,nite,color like this is just lazy, perhaps a good dictionary from ebay would help them?

    they do however have good side, death penalties, the right to shoot an intruder in your home etc swings and roundabouts id say!
  6. Thought I would drop in and see what you Brits were up to. Hope ya don't mind.

  7. A dog can be a pussy...it all depends. A "dog," or more commonly pronounced "dawg," is a man-wh*re. :D I'm sure there are no dawgs in the UK, right?

    I've seen my share of dawgs who were also pussies.

    But at least we don't smoke fags. That's just sick people! :D

  8. try MDN, Aunty Stella and Lord Flasheart, Darth_Doctrinus, and several others for one of your Dawgs :lol: :lol: :lol:
  9. Note to self. :wink:
  10. :D Came over and welcomed your hospitality the last time we had an in-house tiff, and am back again. This time I may ask to take up semi-permanent status. Some of my brothers and sisters are already here, again. Good to see ctauch and Steely. Served with a Brit in the US Army (7th Cav, 3rd ID) in Bamberg, Germany and counted him a a close friend. So, I understand at least a tad of the language. Thanks again, glad to be here.

    JQPublic, Vietnam Vet (now you know I"m sure as hell no kid!)
  11. Much as it greives me to greet a septic JQ is a cracking bloke.

    Volunteered for three tours of Vietnam all at the sharp end, and although they clearly as good as the Brits he's one of the better one's albeit sticking of piss.

    He's an old man now and deserves a degree of respect in his winter years :D
  12. At least he cleans up after himself.
  13. Well I thought I should post here first and introduce myself.

    Former Canadian Army (1977-94) Nothing glamorous as I recall. Out long enough now to actually miss some aspects of it.

    Was introduced to this place through another site I frequent www.army.ca. I kept the same screen name as there to keep things simple as I’m just a unedumucated infanteer.

    Actually one of our members posted link there on your infamous WALT hunt as we were discussing posers, wannabees and nintendosnipers on our side of the world,. Sad to see that they’re universal.

    BTW whoever started that thread owes me a new keyboard as I spewed my tea all over mine laughing at the Fat Fallschirmjäger et all. The wife also wants to know why I was rolling around on the floor laughing.

    Fairly good memories of working with Brits in Germany and over here so shouldn’t have too much of a language problem. I also do remember your sarcastic sense of humour so hopefully that will help in fitting in.
  14. :) and you also have cousins who visit from The Land Down Under.

    Thank you for the welcome and the provision of a Forum for we Multinationals.
  15. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

    In which case - g'day and please make yourself at home. Please don't get too upset though at the banter after the inevitable (maybe not!) humping you lot are going to receive during the Ashes......