Welcome to the Tony Blair old boys club.

Despite all our hopes that blair may have learnt something from his electoral bloody nose, it just goes to show how undemocratic and presidential his form of government is.

Look at the list of his old boys that continually make returns despite their piss poor performance (or the fact that they were never elected!)

Mandelson returns 3 times, each time to a cushier job tgab tge last time

David Blunkett, returned once so far despite the misuse of his public power for personal reasons.

Beverley Hughes, who quit as immigration minister because she gave a "misleading impression", that she had not known about forged and bogus visa applications from Bulgaria and Romania. Returns as minister for children

Andrew Adonnis, an unelected advisor given a juior minister position.

Lord Drayson, as a junior defence minister despite him being a MAJOR labour donor

Lord Sainsbury, as minister for science despite him being another MAJOR labour donor

Along with our bannana republic like voting system, we now have a 3rd world govt nominated by a tinpot dictator, with a penchant for buggery (i made the last part up :D )
Blair is benefitting from the network himself. Straw the lawyer says that Blair the lawyer got an endorsement to serve a full third term from the people. He conveniently glosses over the fact that, when getting Blair to admit he made a huge mistake over Iraq was harder than pulling teeth (in that teeth can be pulled), TB's promise to not contest a fourth election as PM was as clear an admission to the voting public that he had become a liability to his party as anyone could have wanted. Now all that's conveniently overlooked. Who would have thought? :roll:
The Banana Republic must becum his epitaph and we must make sure he never proffs frrom King Georgee II largess when the B'stard goes.
At this rate Blair wont need membership of the Carlyle group, he will have his own network of dodgy geezers.

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