Welcome to the REAL WORLD

Just a simple Hello to King Gordon the 1st

Take note fella
thats 3 brave soldiers fallen,more injured, and not 24hrs in office.


War Hero
Speaking of the 'Real World' wasn't it brilliant watching Bliar having to carry his own bag, then his car never turned up on time, then when it did get there he tried to get into a nice shiny BMW "er no Mr Bliar you are in the vauxhall"
4 days into King Gordo's reign
4 needless deaths amongst H.M.Forces
You spouted 'CHANGE ' almost everyother word Wednesday
I see no change , just more brave men dying for NOTHING


War Hero
At least Brown phoned at least one of the soldiers familys to give his condolances. Something TCB never did.
Gtamerlin said:
Those failed attacks were going to happen no matter what, we are at our weakest when the change over happens
If we were talking about a tour, I'd understand... But does it really make that much difference to the intelligence and anti-terror people who's in charge?
Two terrorist attacks stopped before any casualities, personally although its not Broons doing its a good start.
Not sure is this now 9 or 10?

and still nothing from the current leader, or a replacement Scottish secretary either.
Either let one man do the job adequately or suffer the consequences Gordon
13 or is it 14 now Mr Brown?

Stop this now , get them out
at least have the decency to announce a timescale for phased withdrawal from Iraq

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