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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by firesi, May 5, 2004.

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  1. Sorry its been such a short time coming!

    Im a firefighter and got the same treatment last year while you lot lapped up the glory, as an ex-serviceman I get no pleasure from this but hopefully it will open eyes.

    You are only good guys (and girls) when it sells papers.

    For Me the pitty is that the same paper that supported us has turned on you, and as an exserviceman on Me to.
  2. Trumpton went on strike for the same reason that the Daily Mirror published this unverified tale: greed.

    The other thing both Trumpton and the Mirror have in common is that both have deliberately put service personel at risk. :evil:
  3. ...and, sadly, firesi, there's no answer to that.
  4. well that just about wraps this thread up. :roll: pah firemen :roll:
  5. Try living out here mate, all very cosy with you food and accom paid.

    You will grow up, evolve and join the rest of us (civvies that is)

    Hey just think the crushing of the Fire Brigede Unions overtime ban may have of just cost you the only decent living you could of scraped.

    When I left the army it was The Prison Service (now privtatised and on shit money) the Police Force (who have had their conditions eroded) or the fire service but the loss of the over time ban will see to that.

    By the way how did we put service personnel at risk you didn't have the training or the balls to go into a building, and the insurance industry has just anounced the figures for the year we were out and you did such a great job that the figures are up 60% for the year and we were only out for 15 days thats some going.
  6. We all join the forces as civvies and ultimately, we return to it. You can have balls the size of melons, but the reason you didn't get the pay rise you were after was that the public were not prepared to pay the cost of it - simple. You could always get another job that earns much more money than being a fireman - most of us have. Perhaps you should start a thread in the resettlement (Civ Div) part of this forum, rather than drag this any further off topic?
  7. Unknown_Quantity

    Unknown_Quantity War Hero Moderator

    In my opinion, you're efforts for better pay and conditions were destroyed in detail the moment A Gilchrist got hold of them. He led the fireservice to a position where the public where turning against them, the forces were being seen to fill the gap and the government was seen to be strong. The strike and the issues surrounding it were debated heavily here and after all the huffing and puffing it was seen that the pay issue was one of many other issues, most of which were good valid concerns put forward by clever, decent people. Gilchrist avoided all the important issues and destroyed the ability of the FBU to have any effect on future change.

    this horse is quite high, how do I get down?
  8. What a predictable response from Trumpton.

    How interesting that he considers that firemen are braver than servicemen; the figures would suggest that considerably more soldiers are killed in action than firemen are killed in fires.

    Most firemen have second jobs (on which they pay no tax, usually) due to their generous shift patterns, and this idiot suggests that servicemen have it cushy!

    If you aren't happy with the terms and conditions, Firesi, put your notice in.

    Many of the members of this board are civilians, and have just as good a grip on the world as you.
  9. Heartily agree with the above responses.
    The Fire strike was more about Gilchrist and his cronies trying to put one up New Labour and like greedy bleating sheep the smokie joes followed them. Thing was this time, oh dear, the publc found out what a bunch of luddite, restrictive practicing, sexist, lazy, greedy fcuks ye's were. Good thing is you'll not get away with it again. Reform is on the way and you'll know what working for a living is !!

    Quote from a picket at the time when asked how he thought the Army was doing 'Well, ye know, it takes 6 years to train a fire fighter, I mean you would'nt expect me to be any good at driving a tank would you ?'

    Not if it took ye six years too learn ya muppet !!

    Compare yerself to the Forces ?? Feck Off

    Ubique ya bass !!
  10. AND...it's far more dangerous working for a living on a building site or a farm than being a Fireman/person/fighter whatever. Mind you I suppose volleyball sprains and bumps might be a tad traumatic.

    Ubique ya bass !!
  11. AND... ye's were supported by the Mirror ??? Serves ye fcukin' right then dunnit.

    Ubique ya bass !!
  12. Agreed, agreed and agreed again.

    The fire fighters were worse than journos. At least printing newspapers is their job and unfortunately they haven't stopped doing it!

    There was no justification for your strike. And no way you ever deserved more cash.

    You lost, now shut the feck up!
  13. Sorry, but I wasn't that niave to belive that jumping from one uniform to another was going to give me a better standard of living. After 12 years in a hard job with crap promotion civ-div is a doddle. All you have to do is apply yourself and improve your lot. The mountain will never come to Mohammed. Many of us here now earn far more than the army would pay (or even dream of paying us) simply because we chose wisely in our civillian professions.
  14. except in combat and security situations when there could be IEDs, gunmen and that sort of thing. All firemen have to put up with is that dancing warm red and yellow stuff that squaddies jump over and run through when theyre leathered!!
    :roll: ex-squaddies turned Firemen :roll:
  15. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Well if becoming a fireman is the pinacle of your lifes achievements please excuse me if I don’t follow your lead.

    Not every ex squaddie wants to swap one uniform and regulated system for another. The vast majority go on to successful and fullfilling carreers doing other things. Don’t get me wrong firemen do an important job and no doubt are good at it. But to claim some higher moral ground because you’re a fireman just re-enforces the idea of self important simpletons at trumpton.

    You went on strike because you were greedy. You then tried to justify that strike with a load of bollox when a lot of the country questioned your motives. They ultimatly didn’t believe you and you lost. If you think anything else you’re delusional.

    It appears you are too stupid to realise how stupid you are. Coming here and gobbing off with warped ideas of how the world turns just provides entertainment for those of us who have more of an imagination.