Welcome to the party HSBC. Need some nose candy anyone?

Guess they've been catering to the Scarfaces of the world, amongst other naughty boys. Well, at least they fell out of favor with the U.S. gov't and hence now "discovered."

HSBC Allowed Laundering, U.S. Probe Says - Businessweek

BBC News - HSBC used by 'drug kingpins', says US Senate

Expected to be fined around a $1B for charges to be "dropped" - more like give us some money to make it go away. I still can't get around the fact that all these companies they pay $$$ in fines, but are not actually "guilty." It's a nice little earner for the U.S. gov't, kind like mafia extraction - BAE, Daimler, Seimens etc. etc.

Anyways, if anyone wants some nose candy, please go to the top floor of their HQ in Canary Wharf, speaking of which might not be a bad idea for me to drop by, live pretty much next door.

There's a terrorist connection as well, in The Daily Star Terror financed due to HSBC failure

I recall a chap moving $15K to a AQ affiliated Saudi Charity getting a hefty portion of jail time. Somehow I don't think the same punitive standards will be applied to HSBC.

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