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Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Good CO, Oct 2, 2008.

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  1. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    A new forum sparked by JudgeDredd who has kindly offered to contribute useful information and articles to us clueless laymen, and aimed at servicemen in particular. I hope this proves a useful resource.

    There are of course potential problems in discussing legal matters, and please note that the forum is only a discussion area, NOT a consultation medium. We will hopefully have qualified moderators but their role may be limited to removing anything that is clearly duff advice, rather than active contribution. Time will tell.

    Therefore do not take anything written in this forum as true legal advice. "I read it in the legal forum on ARRSE" is definitely not going to stand up in court.

    The moderators won't be able to vet everything so posts may contain out-of-date information or just plain rubbish.

    Finally if a poster claims to be a leading lawyer and have the definitive answer, bear in mind that this is an anonymous site and he could in reality be a 15 year old Brazilian girl called Paddy.

    You have been warned!
  2. For the legal eagles among us an excellent site for military law matters is:


    Some interesting stuff, but it is a site aimed at lawyers rather than the casual reader, so it can be a bit to "brainy" for me in parts.
  3. That's not difficult...you're RMP! Seriously though, ASPALS is an excellent site, but as with all quality sites, it carries an appropriate 'health warning' in as much as, should the reader require legal advice, then he or she should seek it from a practiing solicitor and not obtain it from the web.

    If you haven't visited ASPALs and you have an interest, I recommend that you do so, if only to read the 'Sounding Board', which has been a bit quiet of late.
  4. Some advice please, AFCB turned my claim down despite being aeromedded out of herrick in '09 and having ongoing problems since then.
    Who are the best people to go to for an appeal.
  5. Probably the RBL. Try contacting them. Or Veterans UK.

    Good luck!
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