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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blogg, Nov 26, 2009.

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  1. So steps are being taken to stampout health tourism. But not when it comes to those dropping sprogs it seems. I really would like somebody to tell me this is just another Mail distortion of the truth. Please!

    243 sick babies treated in London hospital ward---just 18 mothers born in UK

    ."...few hospitals are prepared to turn away a pregnant patient in the late stages of labour. Indeed, the Government recently issued an instruction telling them to admit such women without question.

    Health Minister Ann Keen pronounced in July: 'We remain firmly committed to the requirement that immediately necessary or urgent treatment should never be denied or delayed from those that require it.'

    Many nurses and doctors on the NHS frontline believe her words were dangerously naive, even an explicit invitation to heavily pregnant women to fly to Britain to have babies. Some have arrived at Chelsea and Westminster - and other London hospitals - straight from the airport with the ticket tags still on their suitcases."

  2. I live in an area with a high "guest worker" population. It never ceases to amaze me the number of young mums of foreign extraction we have around. It's obvious that many use the opportunity of their time here to pop out a couple of sprogs and collect the £200 when they pass go. A better (cheaper) deal than is available to them in their home countries.
  3. "Foreign? Here on a pass? Stables on the left don't worry about the lowing cattle or sheep. This saves us money for the residents of THIS country who've paid in all their working lives. Don't like my attitude, feel free to leave at the earliest opportunity."

    Worked for the last immaculate conception, I'd go for cash up front or no service.
  4. The Polish invaded my town a while back. They've been well behaved, kept themselves to themselves, and most had jobs.

    However, since the financial crisis began, the Polish men have all but disappeared - leaving behind a huge number of Polish girls, all of whom seem to be pregnant or pushing prams.

    Can't blame them, but it's not right.
  5. The NHS is spending vast sums on people who have never paid a penny into the coffers ( both home grown and from overseas ). However, we are seen as soft shiites who will give everyone money for nothing. Turn the cash tap off and curb benefits and watch them fade away. People/ relatives are brought to the UK with the sole purpose of claiming benefits and many will end up draining resources. One example that is based on actual experience is of a Doctor from overseas arranging a holiday for his relative who then strangely went into kidney failure on the flight. Fortunately, the Doctor just happened to have arranged a bed in the NHS with the help of fellow consultants..... we now have a non entitled person on a treatment costing £30000 per year with possibly 20 plus years ahead of them. Oh and we are paying housing and other benefits as they are now allowed to stay!