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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by DesktopCommando, Mar 19, 2011.

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  1. Better to have the freedom for pricks like Bell to draw this cartoon than the alternative. It shows the measure of the man and people will judge him accordingly.
  2. So ****? It's a cartoon. Get over yourselves.
  3. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    Totally agree with you , It's only a joke, bet the pubs in Wooten ain't laughing, their takings have just gone west'
  4. Quite right sir!

    Also, I have a few mates who have served in Iraq and the 'Stan' and they pissed themselves with laughter when Jimmy Carr aired his joke to which many took offence too.

    The one about "Injured soldiers returning, but then again we will have a f*ckin cracking para-olympic team"!

    It seemed many of the outraged were those who love to take offence at anything (ironically, sensitive lovey vegitarian Guardian readers). I think you average squadie/matlow and crab would find it slightly amusing..........................
  5. I wonder how many of the people boarding the outrage bus for this will be the same people who were outraged when various shouty beard-men called for the Danish Mohammed cartoons to be censored? Just once it would be nice if a politician said, "Is this the best you can do for a news story - who cares?" when invited to be show-outraged by the gentlemen of the press.
  6. While your average tom might take black humour in his stride and injured squaddies seem to almost make a point of laughing off the odd missing leg or arm, I wouldn't discount the fact that the immediate relatives and friends of the badly injured (the ones that will end up pushing their loved ones in wheelchairs for decades to come, or having to have their houses converted, or having to buy cars that can take wheelchairs,crutches or spare legs)... THEY don't tend to see the funny side of the black humour and take jokes badly.. And I imagine the families of the lads who have passed through WB may not see the funny side of this cartoon and will have difficulty saying "who cares...".......
  7. If we do kick off then as has been mentioned before we are hypocrites ref. muhammed(P.B.U.H and all that shite) cartoons.
  8. PARP!! is a cartoon take your head for a shit
  9. Meanwhile Dennis the menace is 60
  10. Rather amusing. I think Steve Bell is one of the best political cartoonists on record. I've followed him almost continuously since the 'IF...' strip came out and have some of the TELIC 1 era ones printed out and framed. Bell is generally big enough to tilt at politicians and use the military to make an argument, but not have a go at the forces per se.

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    If anyone's called for the death of Steve Bell, that comparison is valid, otherwise it's a bit bonk.

    The Guardian must be a grim place to work if Bell is considered witty and incisive.
  12. My only surprise is that anyone actually looks at The Grauniad.
  13. My, there's some sensitive souls amongst you.

  14. Ah the voice of reason. Take care my friend, people like you may become endangered.