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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by fantassin, May 14, 2013.

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  1. This is how french "youth" celebrated the victory of the Qatari-sponsored PSG football club in Paris on the so aptly named "Parvis des droits de l'homme" on Monday evening.

    30 were injured including 3 policemen, a car full of tourists was looted and several shops, cafés and properties damaged and/or looted and of course, since it's now a "tradition", cars were burnt.

    A video:


    Security was much looser than during the demonstrations against arrse bandit's marriage in the past months; of course, straight couple demonstrating with prams and push chairs dressed in corduroy and Barbours are much more likely to wreak havoc than bottle throwing louts in hoodies.

    That's socialist France for you and unfortunately the shape of things to come......especially the last picture which celebrates "la différence".....this country is doomed.


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  2. Its just the way the French have always been and will always be. It all started off with that revolution thing.
  3. f1fac495940c8c65c9d9d24a3d7be374.jpg

    Off with their heads!
  4. Seen it before several times. Rioting and tear gas were rife in the 80s. Thank goodness I missed it, was out running in central Paris last night. I did wonder why the banks of the Seine were lined with so many people ...

    Interview sans café for Valls today ...
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  5. Rioting in Paris - plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose
  6. ...And when they get beat? Puts some of our problems into perspective.
  7. The rioters were not fans, but troublemakers who deliberately riot given the opportunity, les casseurs. It's a tradition. The police should have anticipated this. Shame for the real PSG fans who were waiting to see the cup.
  8. LOL We're all doomed!

    And have been since Ugh! painted something on his cave wall about the new tribal chief not being nearly Neanderthal enough for his tastes.
  9. .
    Seems to be a lot of white flags being waved around. No change there then.
  10. shop windows look fine, cars arent on fire, doesnt look that bad. generally just a quiet night out then.
  11. You didn't click on the link did you?

    Anyone want some cheap Gap gear?
  12. Gap? i wouldnt even loot it.
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  13. Riot snob!!
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