Welcome To New York City

"These vagabond shoes
"Are longing to stray
"Right through the very heart of it
"New York, New York.
"I wanna wake up in a city that doesn't sleep
"And find I'm king of the hill, top of the heap!"

Something novel has been added to the New York experience that tourists, domestic or foreign, won't want to miss: the opportunity randomly to be swept up in a literal net and thus hauled off to a detention center like fresh fish.

It's like something out of the movie "Brazil," or "Soylent Green."

From the New York Daily News:

"In their zeal to keep protesters in line, the NYPD hs added some unlikely weapons to its arsenal: plastic netting and scores of undercover cops on scooters.

"The nets have been used to trap numerous people at demonstrations, including tourists, journalists and legal observers....


"The nets were first seen on Sunday, during the massive anti-war march, and again yesterday in lower Manhattan.


"Rosaleen Johnson, 64, from Massachusetts got netted with her son, Robert, 29, and his friends while standing in Times Square Sunday.

"'They were charged with disorderly conduct...We were just standing there doing nothing.' She was released but Robert spent 36 hurs in custody before being released.


"Dan, 22, got caught coming out of the subway: 'I'm just a tourist. I have no idea what's going on. I have tickets to 'The Producers' tonight.'


"Mayor [Michael] Bloomberg defended the aggressive tactics yesterday.

"'This isn't something like it's supposed to be a fair fight. We have laws,' he fumed. 'You break the law [and] you're going to find yourself arrested. Period. End of story.'"

"Cops Weave Webs With Nets: Tougher Tactics Baffle City Rights Group," by Barbara Ross and Greg B. Smith.

You tell 'em, Mike. Impudent rabble may get arrested for aggravated breathing or first degree taking up space.

If they don't like it, let them become billionaire investment bankers and holders of high political office and thus attain immunity from such inconvenience. Lesser mortals are expendable.
Oh thats right I'd forgotten, - land of the free, home of the brave, defender of free speech - but only if we agree.

Hypocracy at its best :twisted: but then it wouldn't be America otherwise would it?


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Rudolph_Hucker said:
Oh thats right I'd forgotten, - land of the free, home of the brave, defender of free speech - but only if we agree.

Hypocracy at its best :twisted: but then it wouldn't be America otherwise would it?

Is this mil.com we're talking about ?

As usual, the Yanks are overreacting. Try getting through arrivals! I have heard all sorts of stuff about Brits, with Visa's etc, being interrogated by over zealous officials. Fortunately, I have no desire to visit the place, ever.

Keep it up!

If you really want to piss your Allies off then kill 'em by accidentally blowing them up on Ops cos thick Yank pilots/ soldiers/ gunners/ etc can't be arsed to properly ID Allied eqpt/ vehicles, so if it doesn't look like US kit, then blow it up just in case.

If you can't do that, then harass them when they visit your country. Plus there's always the option of killing them once they eventually clear customs.

Oh, and when US visitors are subject to security checks in our Airports then talk loudly about their Rights/ This Wouldn't Happen in The States/ I'm An American blah blah.

Land of the Free??????????? Land of the Frightened/ Stupid/ Overreacting more like.
Big Kahoona said:
...Try getting through arrivals! I have heard all sorts of stuff about Brits, with Visa's etc, being interrogated by over zealous officials. ...
For those who do travel to the States alot. It's alot easier with an INS Pass.
Uses ratios of finger lengths to match your card details. Gets you through immigration in about 30 seconds. It's only at the main airports though (JFK, Newark, LAX, Orlando, etc). Just fill in the paperwork once (pretty much the same as the Visa Waiver form, such as, have you ever been a terrorist or Nazi - Doh!?).
It's the way Bush is going to try and get re-elected: talk up the threat of terrorism to scare the middle classes back into their gas-guzzling SUV's (it's every American's God-given right to drive a huge SUV with cheap petrol Goddammit!), promise to go "kick a-rhab ass" in the name of Jeeeeeeezus to appeal to the neo-cons and red-necks, and pretend the world's a more dangerous place to justify it all (well it is a more dangerous place, but not for the reasons Shrub tells us it is).

Meanwhile Tony BLiar will be sniffing Shrub's arrse to be at the great ass-whooping banquet when he turns right and invades Iran for the hell of it (for the Halliburton of it anyone?)

4 more years? Please let it just be 2 more months!
I was saddened to watch a very obviously pussy-whipped (Rove-whipped?) John McCain eulogising Bush. John, you hate the bloke you know you do 8O

As for Tommy Franks, how the hell could he stand there and spout some of the stuff he came out with? Remember when you said you didn't have enough troops, etc etc Tom?

Been promised Colin Powells job in the next term have you?

Obviously,you got over the sordid attempts at smearing your good self, in times past . Wonder if you're writing with your left hand now 8O

Sad sad day, and the rhetoric was astonishing. Stayed up to watch Bush's speech at 3am , what did he actually say?

April the 13th - We will win T.W.A.T

Last week - I don't think we can..

Last night - Like generations before us, we have a calling from beyond the stars to stand for freedom. Oh FFS :roll:

After more than a decade of diplomacy, we gave Saddam Hussein another chance, a final chance, to meet his responsibilities to the civilized world. He again refused, and I faced the kind of decision that comes only to the Oval Office — a decision no president would ask for, but must be prepared to make. Do I forget the lessons of Sept. 11th and take the word of a madman, or do I take action to defend our country? Faced with that choice, I will defend America every time....
"..and will continue to try linking Iraq to 9/11 in the mind of the American voter." :roll:

Our allies also know the historic importance of our work. About 40 nations stand beside us in Afghanistan, and some 30 in Iraq. And I deeply appreciate the courage and wise counsel of leaders like Prime Minister Howard, and President Kwasniewski, and Prime Minister Berlusconi — and, of course, Prime Minister Tony Blair
Face it Bluppet, the Lurve has gone. Being mentioned after the Oz PM,the Poles and the Italians? Not even a special mention of the special relationship? Oh dear :D

Not looked at Mil.com yet, as I've no doubt they will be delighted.

Oh well,we're doomed :D
Bush mentioned something about T.W.A.T. being a mission 'from beyond the stars' - hopefully the aliens will come for him very soon...
FFS who wrote that lame line? Sack the speechwriter, a 12 year old or Sun copywriter could have done better )latter definately true with headlines like "Portugeezer" :lol: )
What's happened to mil.chod? I tried www.mil.com and got a site with a big leaf on it and a banner for Micrologic :?:
and the saddest thing is, the john kerry good man, good service record generally not as awful as bush is being slated by the rich republican media machine, veterans for truth, i mean really!!!

Americans wont believe in him no because he cant do rigth for doing wrong or so it seems.

GROW BALLS YOU DEMOCRATS, the world needs to get rid of this madman!!

Interesting point, when arnold schwartzenegger said "america is back" well with GWB as the incumbent, where has it been for the last 4 yrs?

Still not been outrightly condemned , in spite of the fact they've been exposed.

That's the problem, lies stick.

Isn't there some sort of link between this crowd, and the smear campaign against John McCain last time out, where McCain actually confronted Bush on a chat show, and read him the riot act?

Not entirely sure why your supporting a bloke, who spent 4 months "in country", got back to the good olde US of A and then preceeded to rant and rave against his ex-comrades. A man who arranged a photo shoot so he could throw his medals at the White House lawn. :?:

you blokes are beginning to sound like the Channel 4 news. GWB, mad lunatic, John Kerry - upright citizen and saviour of America!

get a grip boys :!: neither would be a first choice here, but a little more balanced arguement would be interesting.

Vote Nader!!
Not entirely sure why your supporting a bloke, who spent 4 months "in country",
4 months longer than the other bloke though :D

I'm supporting the lesser of 2 evils PY :)

To be honest, I would almost certainly support Bush, if he didn't have that unholy cabal he calls his administration.

Just imagine what he could do, with an administration that wasn't halfway up the arrse of big corporations and Israel?

Imagine what he could do, if his administration wasn't chock full of Neocon shitehawks.

Was Iraq a good idea? I don't know the answer to that, that's one for history to tell us.

But I know Iraq had fcuk all to do with 9/11 , which even Rice and Bush have said.

Buit they still tried to make the link last night, and as long as the great American public remian gullible on that point, then I am concerned as to what a second term may bring for all of us, with the administration "advising" Bush.
woopert said:
Tony BLiar will be sniffing Shrub's arrse to be at the great ass-whooping banquet when he turns right and invades Iran for the hell of it (for the Halliburton of it anyone?)
W's crew will have their work cut out for them putting the American public in a frame of mind to accept that.

The story was that Saddam Hussein was putting the finishing touches on his fleet of robot drone planes to drop atom bombs on Des Moines and Sioux City.

Sycophantic news media played that preposterous message so often that it acquired a foothold in the public imagination through the pressure of repetition.

Now, people are starting to get skeptical.

I'm not saying an assault on Iran is impossible. I will say it will take quite a sales job. I expect the "neocons" to try.
From the Washington Post.

"NEW YORK, Sept. 2 -- A criminal court judge ordered the release of hundreds of Bush protesters Thursday, ruling that police held them illegally without charges for more than 40 hours...

"Several dozen of those detained said that they had not taken part in protests. Police apparently swept up the CEOof a puppet theater as he and a friend walked out of the subway to celebrate his birthday. Two middle-age women who had been shopping at the Gap were handcuffed, and a young woman was arrested as she returned from her job at a New York publishing house.


"Michael Sladek, who owns a film production company in Brooklyn, was arrested in Midtown two evenings ago as he photographed the police and demonstrators. He spent 48 hours in custody without access to a phone before he was charged with obstructing a pedestrian ...and released.


....everal people, independent of one another, said police told them that if they signed a document admitting guilt and waiving the right to sue for false arrest, they would be released early."


What kind of sissies have they let into the NYPD? Bargaining with these miscreants about signing confessions and liability waivers? Offering to release them from detention as a quid pro quo? Demonstrators, The Gap shoppers, puppet show impresarios, and other such riff-raff, should have been begging to sign anything placed before them. Have these officers run out of sap gloves and brass knuckles? Or have they simply forgotten how to use them?

"Calling Lynndie England. Private Lynndie England. Please pick up the white courtesy phone."

When the powers that be decide to tie up two of the biggest cities in the country to hold their conventions, let the rabble stay off the streets or face the consequences.
Its called democracy and freedom of speech or did the US of A miss that lecture in the past 50 years. At least the USSR saw the errors of their ways.

Simple. Be a free speech, democratic country and accept that 'everyone' can say what the feck they like or build a freckin big wall, dont let anyone into your country, have a non elected leader, dictate to the world what your ideals are and generally have a narrow minded, blinkered opinion of everyone else who disagrees with you. For me, option 2 has Disney Land, Hollywood and McDonalds as its focal point.

(Not that i wish for a plague of rabid, killer springer spaniels to fall upon the USA of course. Top country full of free thinking, open minded, peace loving subtle, diplomatic types :lol: )

Oh, BTW Bush is a cnut. Id rather vote for Larry Grayson to be El' Presidentai of the Nationalist Socialist Party of The United Hicksville of Emerica.

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