Welcome to Forces life for Prince Harry

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Baghdad-Brit, Feb 6, 2005.

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  1. Whatever :p

    Can we have a poll here as they have on the Mail page - Should Harry choose Chelsy or the Army????

    CH :twisted:
  2. Think what she'd be like on the patch! :twisted:
  3. Poll attached as requested.

    She is pretty cute and he IS ginger.
  4. Harry's already jacked on the Jan intake of RMAS - due to 'injury' - and is going in May. Obviously his heart's not quite yet in it!!

    I'd go for the bird, even if she is a typical, whinging, snake with tits :wink:

  5. Do you think he has the characteristic odour?

    I think the Act of Settlement should be amended to bar gingers from succession to the throne. :wink:
  6. Yeah, it's obviously a no-brainer. On the one hand, all the attractions of Sandbags and an exciting career opportunity or, on the other, nothing more enticing than the prospect of spending all night, every night, having this:


    alongside you in bed.

    No contest, obviously. Now where's that parade gloss and duster........
  7. If he joins the Army he will get the choice of even more attractive young ladies....won't he? :?
  8. Hmm, in ten years time she's going to have a face like a hippo's bum and norks round her ankles, and he's still going to be an extremely rich, well connected prince, albeit a gwar. The fact is, he's going to spend most of his life beating off top totty with a sh1tty stick, when she's just a strident, raddled, has-been with a silly name. The answer isn't a huge intellectual challenge in my view.
  9. A wise man once said to a friend of mine that was about to make a career decision based on a bird

    'The world will never run out of pretty girls or red sports cars!'
  10. Yeah, I know. As I said, it's a no-brainer. But: Ten years. 3650 nights. 29200 hours. Think back to when you were 19: "Long term" was something beyond tomorrow morning. "Responsibility" was synonymous with "plausible deniability". And remember what has no conscience. Now tell me you wouldn't be tempted.

    Let me just look again: http://img.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2004/12/chelsyST091204_250x450.jpg

    Hmmmm. You're right, of course...
  11. Posh, rich tart! Good for the ego but when it starts getting petulant etc...
    The ladies love a uniform (even them with swastikas on 'em!)
    Go for the mob Harry!
  12. Of course, if he truly is British Army material, he'll go for the shag every time and need to be forced to turn up at Sandhurst at bayonet point by his family.
  13. that slut wont dump him, hes possibly the future king he should treat her like t and she'll still shag him next time he sees her
  14. Snake with t*ts . Absolutely 24 carat venomous . That woman will whine and whinge forever. Personally if I was HRH the Spare , I'd be begging to get into the Factory just to escape the whining mardy tart. Christ alone knows what she must be like when the range flag goes up.

    Can you imagine being married to that bloody mouth? 'Why do you need to deploy, phone your mum' 'I'm not happy, I'm going to throw teddies'

    Spoilt, spoilt, spoilt we've all seen them , they are a nightmare.

    Run Harry , keep running, don't look back, there's nothing for you there. Look forward , go green soonest.