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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blogg, Jun 25, 2007.

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  1. Gordon Brown is now Prime Minister. The terror has already commenced as the purge of Blairites gets under way.

    Here is our man hard at work:

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  2. Looking forward to the purge.

    Also the airbrushing out of the fact that Gordon the Moron was instrumental in every cabinet decision of the last ten years including the invasion of Iraq
  3. Watch his other title "First Lord of the Treasury" take on more significance! With the power this barsteward is going to wield, the next Chancellor may as well be a Sooty Glove Puppet with The Enlightened One's hand up his arrrse :D

    Crap spelling edit
  4. Plastic Gordon follows hot on the heels of Phoney Tony. Dear God help us now.
  5. It is easy to think that, what with all the noise from Manchester etc, but he isn't yet Prime Minister. Tony won't give up the reins of power until Wednesday afternoon, IIRC.

    Sorry, that was wrong....

    It is easy to think that, what with all the noise etc, but he isn't yet Prime Minister. Gordon will not be able to prise the reins of power from Tony's hands until Wednesday afternoon, IIRC. There, that reads a lot better!

    Mr Blair will answer Prime Minister's Questions on Wednesday and then take the armoured truck to the Palace, where the Queen will relieve him of the Seals of Office, and shove him out the tradesmen's entrance. Mr Brown will then turn up to collect the aforementioned Seals, and leave by the front door in the armoured truck.

    Then we're doomed, doomed, I tell ye!

  6. A poisoned chalice, if ever I saw one!

    Who would be Chancellor, with Gordon hanging over your shoulder, ready to say things like "when I was in charge, we didn't do it like that...".

  7. any chance of aformentioned armoured trucks being ......................... no that would be bad taste. But rich in irony
  8. be afraid ... be very, very afraid ...

    watched Dispatches the other day about Broon, the first bit was sycophants fawning (Brown-nosing) about what a lovely chap he was and how children love him - then there was the rest, which, at least to me, seemed more balanced (and scary) - but then I never did like the man.
  9. There was a bloke on Five Live this morning claiming to be a friend of Gordon Brown. He said that Brown is not dour and was carrying his child around in Manchester, so there's nothing to worry about...
  10. My bold: any chance we could make it a snatch?

    Edited to add: bugger, Halo beat me to it.
  11. Wicked, HJ!

  12. Don't think so Litotes; it will be more like " I am First Lord of the Treasury, get some Swarfega. This is how we are going to do it. BOHICA annnnnnnnnnnnd ..............." :evil:

    Broon is not going to give up the Treasury - he is a control freak.
  13. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    I am looking forward to watching Broon drink from Bliar's poisoned chalice whilst he briefs anyone who will listen about Bliar, Iraq, and cash for honours.

    We can look forward to Broon changing more policies that cameron would if he were in power.

    Old Labour mixed with Stalinist control freakery....should be entertaining.
  14. :twisted: Id like to take this opportunity to say hello to Mr Brown and congratulate him !!!

    :twisted: OOiiiii Brown you are a NOBBER !!!!!

    just like B Liar hes a twat too

    Ps is that the first official nobber to the new El Presidente :twisted:

    Politicians ...what gallows were made for !
  15. If you think that Gordon is scary, you should meet his Dad. At least Gordon the Greaser only wants your money.

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