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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Blogg, Feb 14, 2007.

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  1. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/6359363.stm

    There are all sorts of factors at work here but this suggests that after 10 years of education changes and social policy, untold billions in benefits, Blair and Brown have created a zero aspirational state handout culture that has helped produced a generation of children who rank at the very bottom of 21 developed nations in terms of well being.

    All the Government hufing and puffing cannot hide that. Manyof the potential recruits coming through the system right now show that up all too well: "Dire" was how the general quality was put to me a few days ago
  2. It's not the kids claiming the benefits though is it.

    I blame the parents, the lazy, scumbag *********.
  3. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    I see all the childrens charities are up in arms. Don't like the truth it seems.
  4. Clearly. Also, when did parents stop being responsible for their children's upbringing? The government has a lot to answer for, but some people should really look closer to home as to why issues exist with their kids
  5. They just need a hug !! Don't they ??
  6. Male+Female parent = bad (penalised)
    Single parent=good (Supported)
    Taking responsibility for your actions = bad. Someone is always to blame
    Helplessness= rewarded
    Make your own way in life = not valued or another source of government revenue
    Depression and anxiety desirable/stoicism not valued
    Individualism = good
    Community spirit and social cohesion = bad
    Appearing in Big Brother, Pop Idol.....whatever - worthy of effort
    Developing a career - why bother - too much effort (you can always get something for nothing)

    No feckin wonder we're in the poop
  7. Role models Jade = Fat chav racist dumb bitch
    Jamie Oliver , nice guy but why all the hugging and kissing.
    The slogan "It's cool to carry a condom" Like Feck concerning my daughter.
    Girl Power = Dress like a slapper get pissed at your expense and wait for the guy who has been on orange juice all night to move in for the kill..
    Any more anyone?
  8. Parents can't smack their kids when they're naughts, so the little feckers are happy to run riot in the knowledge that the worst that can happen is they will get no pocket money.

    Give the gobby little shites a clip 'round the ear and they'll be a bit less keen to carry on being filthy little chavs. Failing that, the government should have incinerators for unwanted chavs... ie all of them.
  9. Yeah loads - don't get me started, Idle, lazy, irresponsible, dozy, sponging work dodgers - they all desreve a damn good thrashing!
  10. Anyone who lives in a council house and who reaches the age of 12 should have their wombs removed, just in case.

    Failing that, make everyone on the dole is made to work within the community in order to retain benefits - I'm sure they'd suddenly find a fcuking job when litter picking in the pissing rain is enforced on the lazy cnuts.
  11. The problem is we are now into the second generation of scumbags. your averag Chav's parent are complete wasters and are not interested in their upbrining so are happy for them to be out till all hours causing havoc in the housing estates. Just as long as the parents dont have to take any responsability.

    Get the lot of them onto Salisbury Plain as moving targets, that would liven up my range days and would mean that I was happy to clean my weapon at the end of the day knowing I had done decent people a favour.

    I hate ill-discipline, there is no excuse for it.
  12. People nowadays are to quick to blame others for their own situations and not bother to get off their arrses to change them.

    Too many people seem to think its the states job to support them while they have child number 5 from different dads! While the soap dodging dads are off at it without someone else!!

    Involuntery sterilsation for the lot of them
  13. Not everyone who lives in a council house is on the dole. Some people just don't earn enough for a mortgage.
  14. I'd wager the stats would be in favour of my thinking.
  15. Lots are on the dole, but there are people who earn an honest living who simply cannot afford a property.