Welcome to Britain after 10 years of Liarbor: Sheffield

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blogg, Nov 7, 2008.

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  1. Ah multicultural Britain the worlds dregs bringing thier culture of rape robbery and disdain for human life to our doorstep thank you new labour
  2. And ZANU NL solution to these problems?

    Foot massages,pleasure cruise's,ASBO's and 'community liason officers'.

    WTF are Somali 'gangs' doing in OUR country in the first place?

    Dah da da dah dahhhh,the BNP are loving it..........
  3. The little scrotes famous last words
    Shame they can't kill more of each other.
  4. We need to be 'tough on crime, tough..........
  5. As one comment read, "diversification at any price..."
    What are Somali and Congolese gangs doing in this country? No doubt the pressure is being put on Yorkshire Police to start recruiting Somali Officers at any cost too.
  6. Perhaps HMF sould start running marksmanship schools for the misunderstood yoof.

    If we can show the choggies the buisness end of a boomstick im sure we could encourage the umbungo's to do the rest of us a favour.
  7. Also the little bastard had tributes to him as a 'Soulja' little cnnuts don't have the first idea of what soldiering is.

    Soldier: Upstanding member of society who has made personal sacrifice for the good of the country.
    Soulja: Black criminal element driven solely by personal gain, who have model themselves not only on their own country's traits but that of the arrogant, psuedo-criminal american R'n'B community.

  8. Had some Friday shandies so bear with me on this one..

    I don't think it's got much to do with immigration and/or which political party is in power. This is a trend that many people have seen coming for years. The simple answer is to look across the atlantic!

    I'm not blaming the US but I am blaming the way that this country has embraced and glorified the whole culture of "money money money" regardless of the cost and impact on others. It makes kids think they DESERVE to have massive houses and expensive cars etc.

    I don't want to sounds like a pinko here (I'm far from it) but this country is going down the pan because kids are learning that you don't need to show any compassion or respect for anything and that having lots of money is the be all and end all.

    Long gone are the values of "I haven't got much but what I have is mine and I'll make the most of it". Now it's the American "If you want something just go and take it!"

    Rant over... Hopefully you can see my point somewhere in there.
  9. It's a culture of entitlement. The little darlings have been informed that they're all victims and are owed a living by society.
  10. This has been brewing for too long. But hysterical liberal abuse will now come down upon us, because "it's racist".

    Now we've got other countries' gangs, rubbish, and crime. Takeaways everywhere, people frightened to go out, and benefit bandits milking the system and our resources dry.

    Thanks a lot for that.
  11. In the 1990s I did a contract installing door entry systems at Bute Town (Tiger Bay) Cardiff. We were told this is the oldest ethnic minority community in Britain. Somali.

    They would say to each other "Remember you Somali". As I have written before, to get at the incominmg electrics we had to shovel communal meter cupboards clear of chest high rubbish which included rotting meat.

    Some of the flats made noises like velcro from the fllor as the filth glued to your feet as you walked in them. The dustcart (manned by white Taffs) came up with a gulley sucker lorry. And the Welsh dustmen shovelled the rubbish (thrown straight into heaps on the pavement) straight into the cart. The gulley sucker then cleared the drains from all the detritis wasked from the rubbish by rainwater.

    Some wise arse Welshman on the City council signed off our work as to a good standard but unfortunately left meter cupboards a tad dusty (or some such comment which I understand is steeped in the Welsh claim to a sense of humour or irony). That is Somalis after a century.

    I was up my ladder and watched my hammer drill moving along the concrete by itself. So followed it around the corner and caught a tinted local drawing it in by the extension lead.

    He says to me "My drill". Challenging me to stop him taking it. I had a tool hoslter on and got the hammer out

    "Bwana hammer" I said or some such comment and he walked away without my drill. But mid afternoon was time to buzz off as the tribes gathered on the street.

    The multicultural experiment after we lost sight of common law was always unlawful and bound to create these gang sort of problems. Madness. As is clinging to the idea that a multi agency approach can address problems of multicultural violence.

    What I think will develop in future decades is "It is not in their blood so comes to them late but with long arrears to make good .... when the English hate". And I don't see any way it can now be headed off.

    It won't be led by BNP. They ain't even a stalking horse for an English riposte. It will be converted moderates. And there will be ethnic cleansing. Police will get in the firing line after too long policing to the whites and extending respect for diversity to the rest. And Police will be killed by Englishmen.

    Twenty years, thirty years ..... but I think that is where it is headed.
  12. You'll be outnumbered by then.
  13. We few we merry few............... any one got some spare pick helves.
  14. Outnumbered by darkies eh? Splendid! Break out the Martini's :D