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Brum targeted in army search Jun 23 2003

By Mail Reporter, Evening Mail

Birmingham is poised to become the national centre for training Armed Forces medical staff.

The Ministry of Defence is looking for a 40-acre site in the city for its training and education facilities for nurses, doctors and medical assistants.

It is believed the MoD is keen to purchase either Selly Oak Hospital or the BBC's Pebble Mill complex to develop as a major hub.

It will build on the success of the Royal Centre for Defence Medicine, which is based at Selly Oak Hospital.

The MoD plans to have its new facility fully operational, with 2,000 staff, from 2008.

It will be run by DMETA - the Defence Medical Education and Training Agency - which currently has its headquarters in Gos-port, Hampshire.

That will move to Birmingham, along with the Aldershotbased Defence Medical Services Training Centre and a small training facility in Gosport.

The DMSTC trains about 7,000 military medical students each year on 56 courses.

At any one time there are 1,200 trainees based at the Aldershot centre, which has 34 classrooms, a conference centre and pre-hospital emergency care training wing.

Once a site in Birmingham has been identified, work on the scheme is expected to start next year.

The Royal Centre for Defence Medicine, which comes under DMETA's governance, will play a key role in securing a site, setting up the new complex and delivering MoD policies.

The RCDM's clinical staff presently work alongside NHS medics at Selly Oak and will continue in that role at the new Edgbaston-based 'superhospital', run by the University Hospital Birmingham NHS Trust, which will replace the Queen Elizabeth and Oak.

I was receptioned by an Air Force Med Sergeant there a couple of weeks ago...... They should just take over Selly Oak...
Brum targeted in army search Jun 23 2003
The DMSTC trains about 7,000 military medical students each year on 56 courses.

At any one time there are 1,200 trainees based at the Aldershot centre, which has 34 classrooms, a conference centre and pre-hospital emergency care training wing.
I think someone was wearing rose coloured glasses when they wrote this. I mean 7000 a year, RAMC, RADC & QARANC with all the RMA thrown in would just about make this number & as for the Aldershot training centre, a guess they are referring to DMSTC has accommodation for only 500 trainees at one time, so where’s the rest living on Ash Ranges. Maybe they mean 1200 a year.
If only it could be true !

Would it mean that the RAMC Trg Centre could reform and the DEPOT for AMS Mil Trg could return to its former glory running JMQC's, SMQC's WOMQC's and the Corps RSM move back to his rightful place on this earth.

AND Phase three Single Service Training cold be run there!

Oh ! and get rid of the WO's, Petty Officers and Sgts Mess ?? and have a Corps Mess


Probably close and knock it down whats history about these days !!!!!


They are even talking of moving the RAMC museum to Birmingham, not bad after getting £120,000 from the lottery. Still fuels fire the fire Keogh will be sold off in the next 5 years!
It will be sold off ! the local council have been after it for ages will make the army a mint.

Anyway why should anyone care about the RAMC no-one has for the last 10 years ?

Get rid of it completely give us a pink beret and call us the Defence Meical Services makes me proud !
I am married to a QA up here in brum, doing her nurse training at the local university.
Being as ex soldier and currently a WOII in the ACF, i am disgusded at the military up here ....
my mrs has turned into one of the tax dodging great unwashed. moaning about the price of a pint and packet of nuts. what they need is a few guard duties and a couple of BFT's a week.
i am at the moment trying to get a bit of military life back into our quarter by making her put on her kit and marching up and down infront of the house ..... purely for my own benifit i know but its the only way!!!!
I have been informed that the DG has been given a few pounds for a new build in Birmingham to house 33 Field Hospital. :evil: :evil:

With the future of the AMS now being north of the Watford Gap, it may be a good time to invest in a house in Birmingham and then lease the bugger to the army for a few quid. :twisted: :twisted:
Of course Keogh will be sold - along with any other MoD land in the valuable South.......and thats not just the medical sites.

I suggest that all you Southerners that haven't travelled beyond Watford Gap start practising phrases such as 'Chips and Mushy Peas please', 'Mine's a pint of Greenhall Whitley" and 'Has anyone seen my whippet?' Southern postings will become a thing of the past.

In the meantime Defence Estate will continue their search for a defunct council housing estate to buy, in the dodgiest part of Birmingham. This in turn will give Medical Service personnel the chance to vastly increase their trauma skills whilst they patch up troops involved in fights with the locals.

As for accommodation for the singlies - they shall continue to be farmed out to flats and houses, far away from any military contamination, where they will continue their integration into civvie street ready for their PVR.

And then....................?
And in the meantime there are troops dying out in the Gulf for lack of the right equipment because it is all being sold off as surplus.
Is there anybody in charge got any brains?
Contradictive statement, having the words in charge and brains in the same sentence when talking about the command structure of the DMS.


Probably why AMD is on a short lease at RMAS, as already stated in a previous post!

Home of the RAMC- Birmingham- shudder the thought!
Does that mean it will be curry for the past and present dinners then? Cheaper than paying £40 to sit in the dinning hall at Keogh then try and squeeze into the mess like sardines.

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