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Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by error_unknown, Jun 7, 2004.

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  1. America is becoming a land of violators; the powers that be even prey on us local folks.

  2. Thats pretty damm scary.
  3. And Tragic.

    Why do they do it?

    They have some really good people and then they have these fcukwits.

    I will never understand! :cry:
  4. And they wonder why their visitors are down , nearly 30%.

    I have been over on Holidays four times in the last five years, the attitude change on showing your docs on arrival etc is more marked than before.

    It will be a long time before I contemplate returning, the public are fine, they really have to sort out the attitude of their Officals on the points of Entry.
  5. No sympathy should have read the small print, and if in doubt:asked!!!
  6. Polyglory wrote:

    My next ship is presently part of an exercise Stateside. Given the chance to join it there I'd rather not. Carrying a S10 with my kit may give the muppets of the US Immmigration Service heart failure ( if being massively overweight doesn't do it first) and lead to my detention. Other country's officials are more understanding, because they have IQs above room temperature ( though the Spanish make exceptions! :wink: ) Glad I'm joining it on its return. Twenty years ago I'd be haggling to join it Stateside.

    It should be different arriving in the US on a Pusser's Grey, sovereign territory and all but the ship's company have still got to get in and out of the Septic dockyards, civilian or Naval past more armed blinkered uneducated fat zealots.

    Fcuk that.
  7. The unfortunate truth is that the lower levels of the Federal government are a refuge for some of the most surly, mule-brained, ignorant f*ck-wits in US society. I had personal experience of this at Dallas Fort-Worth in '85. After making a few admittedly ill-advised quips to the grossly over-weight, cross-eyed gimp at the immigration desk, I was taken into a (thankfully) private room, for a very "probing" 8O one to one, negative tea and stickies...
  8. :lol: :lol: :lol: never has a 8O been more appropriate than that one.
    are all american minor officials like roscoe peeeeee coltraine from the dukes of hazzard??????
  9. It probably didn't help that I had flown in from Mexico. I am not into Yank-bashing, as I genuinely like the place, but it is a fact that federal agencies such as IN, Mail, etc employ many people who would be better off melted down for glue. ( a bit like our Post Office, actually :roll: )

    Another curious fact: judging by some of the characters I saw in the USN base in Bahrain, the US DoD seems to be a big employer of burnt-out ex-hippies of a certain age.... :?