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Welcome the boys back home

Don't know if this has got onto the site yet but 1 Royal Anglian (The Vikings) are celebrating their return from Helmand with Freedom Parades in Norwich (22 Nov) and Bury St Edmunds (23 Nov) - further details should be in the local press.
So..... considering General Dannatt's comments regarding lack of support and welcome home parades for returning units - if you live in East Anglia (even if you don't and fancy a day out) polish your shoes, iron your shirts and get your muckers along to say thank you for the Vikings sterling work in Afghanistan - don't forget that 9 of the boys didn't return home with their comrades and many more were grievously wounded.

The final word from the Regimental Secretary says it all:

"I intend to stand in the street to welcome home our soldiers. Who will stand with me?"
I am ex-QUEEN'S/PWRR and I will be there at Norwich, especially as I knew one of the nine!
As a non-infantry type that has spent much of the last 6 months sharing hardships and danger with the Vikings, I would like to reinforce the sentiment voiced here. I will try to get to one of them. Also, I beleve that there is a Bn memorial service next week in the Royal Garrison Church, Aldershot, not sure about dates / times - maybe someone in the loop can help.

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