Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by swift, Dec 22, 2005.

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  1. On behalf of myself and all fellow jackets i would like to welcome rgbws over to the light side.im sure our future together will be a good one.
  2. it will be even better if u lot will wear the back badge a learn proper drill
  3. The back badge IS being adopted by the Rifles, but we're keeping the drill efficient.
  4. hollos. if your refering to the rifles taking on your drill then sorry m8 but how can we be swift & bold at your pace?

    we have all given something up in this change we are not that happy about loosing our cap badge,so you cant expect us to loose our drill.
  5. Some more than others, D&D's and RGBW's have been stripped of all their previous identity's (except the back badge on caps dress forage )

    Mac over at www.farmersboys.com somes it up nicely:

    Looking to the future beyond this I see this as an exercise to get the Infantry arm into a position whereby the 5th Battalion of the 'Blankshire' regiment will drop of the end of the table on the next reorganisation with the minimum of fuss. The precedence has already been set in the past when the 4th LI (formerly Durham Light Infantry) and the 4th Queens (Formerly the Middlesex) got the chop. Both those battalions were splendid outfits so history and service appears to only play a small part.
  6. And in ten years time, the old boys who remember the antecedent battalion are that little bit older. The guys getting out are less vocal, and for the guys still in, well, if they want to stay in, get promotion and not get their card marked as a troublemaker, they have to make the most of their opportunities.

    Still think we'll see the day when it's a Corps of Infantry and numbered battalions within that Corps.
  7. Yep, near enough full circle to the old regimental numbers, apart from they probably wont go much number past 10, the Guards and the Para's wont get molested though - their protected by the prince of darkness himself.
  8. Great idea, lets go full cicle

    Put me down for the 95th rifles.
  9. dont point it out - i noticed. Circle !
  10. Anyone from the old Wessex Volunteers out there? (Swindon/Reading)
  11. msr

    msr LE

    Yes (Newbury).

  12. Any body fromthe old 2 RGBW days
  13. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  14. Yep, Reading, mid 70s