Welcome new member.......

Just wanted to do a quick press release to welcome me mate Sniper_Bird to the board, who has finally got to grips with how to post on this board.... ;D

For those of you who feel they need to know, she's great, excellent laugh, monster around Vodka and FIT.

Oh, and before the more lecherous element get any ideas, she can drop you, first time every time with an SA80 from 600 metres out  ;D  ;D  ;D

Looking forward to Ex. Belgian P*ssUp mate  :-*?


That will be the same SA80 the rest of us are issued with, I'll believe it when I see it, not knocking the firer just that plastic metalicky thing that does a good impression of a chocolate teapot!!  :-/

P.S. Welcome to the club S_B


Wow, I feel like a celebrity!!
Honest, I'm just a bird who likes to wear a 'suit of the forest'.
Don't know about the fit bit - fit as in can do lots of exercise - NO!! or - fit as in ok looking? - maybe.
PTP you should know I don't drink vodka - I fear no beer!
Maybe that's where I'm going wrong, I'm just a man with t*ts!!

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