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Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by siegebuster22, May 26, 2008.

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  1. just saying hello to all, anybody need any advice on special ops etc just ask il see what i can do
  2. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!
    Is your left hand aching Sir? :lol:
  3. Yes, I have a question on special ops.

    I'm a girl called Rebecca, will I have to hide my pistol up my clunt when I'm operational
  4. I have another fucking hernia coming, would you advise open surgery or a keyhole op?
  5. siegebuster22, which number were you on the balcony and do you keep in touch with the other 638,986 who were up there too?
  6. Oh fab. Just the person.

    We need you to parachute into North Korea and steal Kim Jong-Il's nuclear weapons. Your 'special equipment' consists of Rebbeca (As mentioned above), as well as a "SAS issue" luminous Webtex assualt vest.

    Good luck (you'll need it...)
  7. I have a new sneaky-beaky boat and have just finished a new boathouse to put it in, what colour should I paint it?
  8. Just be careful about where you stand. That hole in the floor leading to the shark tank got Hans Brix a treat.
  9. How many weapons can you hide in your trousers? Bonus points for a Javelin... :p
  10. Location: Hereford...

    Interesting, interesting. Do you know my mates Smudge, Chalky, Taff and Jock? They speak very highly of you.
  11. I've nver heard of him! ;)
  12. I assume he means "Special Operations".....as in frontal labotomy??

    The special mong......he can join our mongs of war surely??!


  13. Another cutting edge question. Do I have to shi.t in a plastic bag and carry it round in my knapsack for a month when I go deep black.
  14. yes i was there at the iranian embassy job. them names dont ring any bells tho, must be them 264 wannabes
  15. must of been paddy and his tarmac crew with ya then...