Welcome home for returning Scots.

Imagine the violence if this was done during a Old Firm Game.

The Republican scum of Dublinistan would have been up in arms, literally...

Well done Rangers for showing a bit of support for the Armed Forces.
Not sure the Army should have agreed to it and a few non-OF fans I've spoken to agree with that. Rangers have a history of events such as Union Day, Orange Day and so on, which are pandering to the bigots amongst the fanbase. I wouldn't be surprised if the same hidden agenda was behind their involvement yesterday. Predictably, Rangers fans made a fuss online and on radio phone-ins saying that it would never have happened at Parkhead. However true that view may be, it doesn't change the fact that the Army has been used as a political pawn (there's a first!) by elements of the Rangers family to further their bigotted agenda.

A more appropiate forum would surely have been a Scotland international at Hampden (maybe not the one against Argentina though!), if a football match is really appropiate for this occasion in the first place. In saying that, the Army's objective appears to have been to raise the profile of the Army and more importantly raise funds for Poppyscotland and therefore in the absence of any other event on the same scale before Armistace Day their options may have been limited.

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