WELCOME HOME: 2nd Battalion The Royal Welsh

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Chris_2oo6, Dec 2, 2007.

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  1. RIP to jozsco...franky..barber , and the 2 blackwatch lads casper + jamie kerr

    i deployed on the start of telic 10 straight from training.. something i'll remember for the rest of my life

    A Parade and Memorial Service will be held to mark the return of 2 R WELSH from Op TELIC 10 in the Millennium Stadium, Cardiff on Tuesday 11 December 2007

    The Battalion will form up outside Cardiff Castle at 1000 hrs and will march through Cardiff City Centre, preceded by a Warrior AFV, to the Millennium Stadium. A medals parade, attended by some VIP’s, will commence at 1100 hrs followed immediately by a musical interlude (Morriston Orpheus Male Voice Choir or Katherine Jenkins). The choir will also perform from 1015-1045 as guests and members of public take their seats. The Drumhead Service will take place from 1150 to 1230 hrs.

    Any members of the Regimental Association who wish to attend as members of public will be most welcome but must be seated at the Stadium by 1015 hrs. Whilst lunch will be provided for members of the Battalion their families and invited guests, it is not possible to provide this for those who wish to attend. There is however a vast range of suitable establishments in the City Centre.

    The event will finish at approximately 1230 hrs.

    Entry to the Millennium Stadium will be via Gate 2.
  2. Welcome home Taff. You done good.
  3. Welcome home to our junior regimental colleagues.

    Lots of love from the First Battalion.
  4. Welcome home lads!! :)
  5. Now that is the way to bloody well do it!

    Hope the day goes well [esp if you get Katherine Jenkins] for you all.

    Cymru am Byth!
  6. Well done boys, especially all the 3 R WELSH TA lads coming home too.
  7. Now that's just showing off! Well done boys, welcome home.
  8. Well done the Welsh. Home in time for tea and medals. Look out Cardiff that night!

  9. Welcome home & well done lads. There's lovely. :D
  10. Tidy.
  11. just come back from the parade at the Millenium stadium, outstanding, welcome home my Son, and all who served with out there. my glass is raised to the 5 who were with you today in the shadows. Dad
  12. Welcome home lads
  13. Good old Royal Welsh!!!!!!!!! :D

    Welcome Home!
  14. had shivers down my spine marching through the city

    amazing how much support we got from the public

    felt proud as fcuk.

    enjoying my xmas leave now :D