Welcome home 2 RIFLES!

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by WhiteRabbit, Oct 25, 2009.

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  1. 2 RIFLES return

    Well, we always we knew that it was going to an absolute brute of a tour, but I don't think anyone thought it could get that bad. 13 dead from the battalion, 24 from the battle group as a whole and around 80 wounded; it was a hell of a toll.

    If there was a lot of death and sorrow, there was also an outstanding amount of gallantry and raw courage. Especially amongst the newest and youngest Riflemen, lads who and joined us straight from depot just a few months before deploying. These kids were amazing and I swear that I'll never let another dismissive remark about the 'playstation generation' go unchallenged.

    A big thank you should also go out to the TA & Reservists who joined us for the tour, giving up a year of their lives and, in a few cases, their good health. Especially those few amongst them that volunteered to extend after their enlistments had elapsed and stayed with their platoons to the bitter end. Youngy, Pash and the rest, you guys are legends! Lastly, and most easily forgotten, are the attached arms. The medics and combat engineers who routinely came out on the ground with us and became as much a part of the rifle companies as the Riflemen.

    Well played all - Swift & Bold!
  2. Welcome back lads, and well done.

  3. Welcome back Rabbit. I am inclined to agree with you:

    These 'kids' from my Bn were magnificent when we did our tour. Anyway have a well deserved POTL.
  4. Welcome home lads, enjoy some well deserved POTL.
    RIP to those who didn't make it.
  5. Swift and Bold.
  6. Welcome back lads :D some well deserved rest in need for you !
  7. Welcome home, guys!
  8. Thank you for your service.

  9. Welcome home Rowan
  10. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Welcome home lads
    Have a good leave - you deserve it
  11. Ditto, Tomo113954 welcome home mucker, give us a shout if your about - I'll get them in - I think you deserve it.

    RIP to all those who didn't make it and condolences to the families, freinds and mates who lost loved ones.
  12. Just like to say RIP to those that were lost, Get Well Soon to those that are / were injured and Job Well Done to everyone else.

    My brother in law is with 2 Rifles, I think he's the QM(T) at the moment!! C***s L**b for those that may know him.
  13. Welcome home guys (and gals) - and well done.

    I thought some might have missed this account while you were out there, by one of your own...a former Jacket.......my apologies it is a bit long - but well worth a read:


    Glad you're back - enjoy your leave to the max,