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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by CRmeansCeilingReached, Oct 20, 2007.

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    Found the above thread in the Juniors forum. I don't know if there's any truth in the discussion (geo trade coming across to the corps), but I would just like to welcome devil62 to our forum in advance :)

    (perevodchik is already salivating over his lord of the rings metal figurines...)
  2. What a shit post.

    Was this supposed to be funny, ?
  3. morning, mong :D
  4. When Sharpe first hit the TV, many moons ago this was a topic of conversation amongst inlying members of the mess at Wilton.

    The Clerk of Works from Engr Branch was quick to point out that the Duke of Wellington's intelligence officer was always portrayed as a Sapper.

    At one dinner night some wag had cunningly replaced all the Intelligence Corps name cards at the table, with ones bearing the RE crest.

    If any of you had ever worked with the now defunct Svy 3 branch, or been to their map library at Tolworth, you would know that Geo could probably still teach us thing or two.

    BTW did anyone know what ever happened to the exploitation of ground imagery in the field army?
  5. It was used to make swirly patterns on ID photos for people who trawl 'junior' forums on internet boards. :D
  6. Naughty...

    There has been talk of the Geo trade moving from Hermitage to Chickers for a long time...doubtful that it will happen. There isn't the real estate or the money.

    There has also been talk of moving Hermitage up near JARIC (Brampton), which would make more sense. IIRC there was a huuuge building left more or less empty when the DLO de-camped to Wyton.
  7. GEG is part of ICG which in turn is part of DIS and under DGIC (for those who like TLAs and FLAs)
  8. Yes, but the Mil Svy School is now a sub-unit of the DCI. Which probably makes as much sense as the DAC being part of the RSME.

    252 fires more T & F LAs for effect......
  9. Aside from the fact you used more than three dots; that post means you owe me a keyboard, a can of Wobbly and I may sue you in future for possibly irreversible damage to my ribs. :D
  10. I read a thing the other day (yes I was very bored) confirming that the academic element of geo, The Royal School Of Military Survey, will be moving to chicksands at some point in the future. This will complete DCIs empire build down there.
    as a further part of the shake up JARIC, 42 Regt, Elms of JSSO, ICG HQ and attachments will all be moving to RAF Wyton. This will happen. exact dates TBC and dependant on funding but likely to be around the 2012 - 2014 time frame.
    Although we (geo sappers and Int corps) sit under the ICG we will remain as our parent corps. there are no plans to merge the corps, merely make use of best practice and delivery of int to operations . hurah
  11. Welcome!! We have been expecting you Mr Bond

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    Nice and close to DSSO as well :roll:
  12. Knob off you peenarse
  13. That will cost some serious dosh
  14. They are just re-inventing the wheel - mapping/geo was part of the Int dept back in the 19 century. A knee-jerk planning move after we rocked up for the Crimean War without any maps (or Int officers for that matter - little wonder the entire affair was a cluster). So welcome back Geo.

    (Wellington's key Int officer was a cavalry officer anyway - well he was doing a recce job I doubt he could analyse the Int).