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Discussion in 'REME' started by EX_REME, May 3, 2007.

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  1. I see in the REME Journal that they have brought in a new CEG, namely that of Technical Support Specialist. I think they have changed the name so we wouldn't see that they messed up by getting rid of them in the first place. New my arrse.

    Wonder how long it will be before they bring in an electrical specialist?
  2. Aye, youre right EX_REME. Another Corps blunder trying to backward pedal under a new name. Still don't see the point of having RD/RS/TSS when the tradesmen can do just as well and it will stop the other capbadges from transferring to us for quick promotion. Keep our Corps trained and promoted by our own like! Why have a technical Corps ran by non technical people, just look at NHS for proof.
  3. The RD/RS/TSS shouldn't be involved in technical training.
    Yes, we're a technical Corps but in the modern day arena, soldiering is a far more essential requirement than ever; if our lads are spending op tours in infantry/peacekeeping roles tabbing the streets (it's much more prevalent now than before), they MUST deserve/expect the same training as their non-technical/infanteer counterparts. Technical personnel may not be able to provide this.
  4. The Engineers run there own traning units, with theree tradesmen why cant we?
  5. Yes they do.. to the detriment of the field force who lose quality men from doing their real job - combat engineering.

    My concern is that with all the Corps currently stretched to breaking (breaking harmony guidelines continuously as well!), it makes more sense to put the training 'bill' onto ATRA and not the Field Force. Technical people should be in tech posts, engineering people in engr posts etc etc...
    However IF someone is needed to do the dirty stuff (i.e dismounted Inf etc) they must have the same (relevant) high degree of training. This can not be provided by REME/Engr/RA/rlc etc. I feel this training should now be the norm for phase 1... a generic trg regime for soldiers, delivered by soldiers. It works for the RM, why not us?... any green lid will happily fight/operate with another green lid irrespective of trade etc, they all have that bond. Surely our Inf would be happier fighting/operating alongside someone that has completed the same basic Inf trg as them!
  6. Phase 1 Training or CSMR (Combat Military Syllabus Recruit) is exactly the same for every Arm or capbadge. Army Training and Recruiting Division (ATRD) dictates this. I agree that we need to concentrate on our own engineering discipline, however alot of the soildiers in our Corps have combat experience. Why bring in RD/RS/TSS again, surely a better way would be to have Infantry Line Regiments have a soldier posted to REME Bn's etc in an E2 post. This would leave the door open for more promotions etc for the tradespersons. We as a Corps have gained vast experience from Telic/Herrick, lets use this to our advantage and not bring in soldiers who have no loyalty to their own capbadge and who see our Corps as an easy promotion ladder.
  7. The man in the corner- Hello!!!!

    As a 20 year FE tradesman, i can't remember the last time i had to abandon my wagon to be involved in a CTR etc. Then again i can't remember the last time i was assisted by a "crew" in changing a clutch etc on a WMIK???

    I have to say though, that our Corps is seen as an easy touch for those who find "Senior Brecon" a stage too far!!!!
  8. alb

    alb Clanker

    I have got to agree with Tank Mech on this one, employ an infantry soldier on for example a two year posting, and use their currency to train all. I have seen too many RD, RS not current enough on what they are teaching. One last thing on this subject is it was a mistake to pull the plug on RD/RS and not have a replacement. Yet another decision which resulted in tradesmen being mis-employed.
  9. This is an old problem, it needs to be recognised now more than ever before.
    REME contains technical specialists it is true. Those same specialists also turn out to be bloody good soldiers for the most part. Can the same be said for those who choose not to continue their specialised trade and revert to basic soldiering instead?
    As a young crafty with an infantry unit we passed their tests and the experienced "proper soldiers" were really impressed with the opportunity to pass on their skills to the LAD. In this way we complimented the regiment more than making up half the regiment football and rugby teams.
    REME exclusive training tended to be Shiite.
    On a psoitive note I remember ONE co who fired his regimental staff (to ratiol roll duties) and drafted in local infantry instructors for soldiering training.
    The result:
    The men enjoyed and learned from their training
    The instructors had a job satisfaction experience teaching new skills
    The CO returned a well trained Unit who reflected on its inwards inefficiencies, seeking a resolution with a conclusive manner
  10. I work in a FS fitter sect & the 2 lads who crew the Sammy have been invited onto the next reccy cadre. The boss is all for this & I think it's a damn fine idea too. Maybe it should be a policy that our tradesmen have a relevant level of "green" training & experience so that they can integrate better into the platoons, troops etc that they are supporting. For example, sending REME AFV commanders on the tactics phase of the RAC commanders course.
  11. On the bus, off the bus
  12. Seen it, done it, all that balls, we all knew it was a mistake but nobody listened.... When are VE's coming back as well then?
  13. Seems a good idea to me, we get quality training and more peer respect. We do need to be tactically aware with our job too. I was the on the sammy a few moons ago, however, I spent my time going from job to job and always playing catch up with recce tp. No change!
  14. I'm not RD / RS etc but fully support their role. We need these ex infantry soldiers (not seen keen on the failed tradesman) to help train us and keep discipline. I have been around a while as an experienced Artisan and can't say I know a single tradesman keen enough to want to be in the training wing or taking OCs parade with as much enthusiasm. I truly wish that the powers the be would stop messing with the working formula and bring back some of the old school! :D Now that would be a change for the better! :idea:
  15. Ive met some very good RD and agree that on the whole they did a good job especially ex infantry. Like you say there was quite a few failed tradesmen who went RS who were absolute choppers, could name a few but wouldnt be fair.