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Having been a while in the mob - is it me or majority of ex Welbeck Officer Choppers. As I the i have worked with a few of them in my time.
Are they groomed to talk utter shite and come out with spurious idea's to feck the lads about and seniors in past experience. This is an honest opinion - I havent met a decent ex Welbeck yet. I have met a few and having served at the great academy Serve to Lead or (Serve to Ojar)- strangely enough, the worst posting of my life as attached member. Are there any people like me in this position - and when they have come across these incredible species? Don't get me wrong, I know some good officers but as the saying goes 9/10 cats dont come from welbeck. By the way if someone is going to quote some top brass who is ex welbeck I aint interested, its because normally they have just blown smoke up the right people arses/carrer laughs and hung out ouf the back of senior officers, they need to get some grass roots and ram them in NAFFI for a year, thats my opinion. Can I have this ratified, or is it just me? I am not here to offend but I havent met one I honestly say I can respect, as the saying goes, if you cant handle the truth... Espicially when one of the arrogant feckers said that half the NCO's couldnt muster a GCSE in woodwork! Cheeky arrogant Cnut! And no its not jealously that I havent become a welbexian officer.... as i would rather stick hot knitting needles up my japseye. Nuff said. I would be intersted to hear any other random decisions that have come out these peoples minds - if anyone would like to share them!


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In a word - Yes. The only decent Welbexian I've ever met was only so because he was utterly crap at being a Macchiavellian, backstabbing empire builder (the three prerequisites for graduation from Welbeck I'm led to believe). Once he realised (by having his nose rubbed in it by another Welbeck old boy) this he settled down into being a nice chap and got on with his job (which he did well) instead of trying to nick other peoples'.

But so far, every other Welbexian I've identified has been a complete chopper. Whether this is due to my identification skills or Welbeck being a breeding ground for choppers is open to debate, but I know which I'm betting on...
I've met one nice Welbexian but he was infantry not techy...I imagine you get the Welbecks kicked out of you rather more rapidly in that context!
I used to have to visit welbeck quite often at my previous post, they were quite well behaved, but on one occasion a couple of the lads were trying to showoff and trying to get a little snotty with me. I informed them that they need to change their attitude because when they first get to their troop/platoon they wouldn't want to be upsetting the SNCO thats in charge of them.

They went away puzzled, but sufficiently worried.
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