Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by Toon~France, May 18, 2006.

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  1. I cant find a thread that does real justice to the DSFC... any links or comments please... go easy.

  2. Get out and get some fresh air lad! Shouldn't be cooped up inside with a computer... You should be out, and up to some rosy cheeked caperings - so bugger off down the tunnels and go weeding like a proper Weebley.

    (actually don't - I lost my tie for that (find somewhere better!))

    Hope you find a home,- C
  3. Alas the tunnels are long gone with the change of location the 2nd years talk fondly of them though. would you care to enlighten me?
  4. Are you at Welbeck now and I take it by 2nd years you mean seniors.
  5. How does the new welbeck hold up against the old one? IMHO part of the welbeck experience was the place itself and its character features. Sunken G in the summer, the glass corridor and associated classrooms, underground Ballroom. As well as what you could get up to if you put your mind to it!
  6. Stand by for the non-Welbexians to jump into this thread and fill it with the usual Welbeck bashing drivel!
  7. The old Welbeck college was once the seat of the Duke of Portland, a decidedly eccentric individual. He hated being seen by people and, if surprised by (say) a servant entering a room in which he was present, would freeze and stand motionless until the servant had gone. During the time they jointly occupied the room the Duke would expect the other person to act as if he (the Duke, that is) wasn’t there.

    This dislike of being seen led to him constructing underground tunnels, one of which led to the nearest railway station so that when the Duke had to go to London on his Ducal duties he could arrive at the station privately. These tunnels remain and although they were supposed to be out of bounds, Welbexians couldn’t resist exploring them.

    Another eccentricity of the Duke came to light after he died when people cleared out one of the upstairs rooms, long unused. In it were found thousands of wigs. No-one knows why.

    There is now no Duke of Portland and, there being no successors, there never will be again.

    Despite the reputation Welbexians seem to have among some members of this site, almost all the ones I know are top blokes. I’ve no idea how the new site compares to the old one for facilities, but it can’t have one tenth of its character. Oh, and it used to be army only (and engineering only to boot).

    Hope this helps.
  8. You say engineering only but some of us did go on to join the combats arms, but I think they will have probably tightened up on that. Your right though nothing can replace old Welbeck, the tunnels, K-block. I would like to see the new place.
  9. Anybody got some good stories about the old place.
  10. I am the good stories about the old place.
  11. never mind that, anyone got any pics of the old place?! With all those tunnels? Didn't that yank mention them in his book not too long ago? Sounds like fun!
  12. Supposedly at the model U.N this year, the welbeck team contained a nutcase geordie, a phillipino lad and a scotsman that liked to get naked whenever possible, and who wants to be the next storeman of the army.
  13. You don't say must have caused a painful burn. I remember we all use to get up to stuff like that.