This isnt for me (Ive just left after 23 years), its for my cousin who is considering Welbeck.

Has anyone ever been to Welbeck and then joined the army as a soldier? She is really interested in Welbeck, has made contact and got the pack etc.. but isnt sure at the moment whether to join as soldier or officer entry. Shes a bit of a hands on type of bod and looking at REME (another cousin is a REME officer and an uncle was an LE REME officer) shes obviously young and at the moment wants to get her hands dirty working on engines etc. but she is a switched on cookie and has bags of potential.

So if she went to Welbeck and at the end of it decided that officer entry wasnt for her would there be a drama slumming it like I did instead?

Just spoken to an ex Welbexian about this for you. His feeling is that if she goes the Welbeck route then she'll be expected to follow the officer training she'll get there and eventually commission, although he doesn't see what anybody could do about it if she chose to go the soldier route.
Hmm. Tough call that. I'm certain that they wouldn't be happy to put her foward for Welbeck with the knowledge that she is going for soldier entry, even if it is possible.
We are trying to point her in the right direction of Sandhurst entry, myself and Mrs Fox (me left as WO1 and Mrs Fox commissioned from Cpl) are telling her of the differences in the two life styles and responsibilities, what we really want is our other cousin who actually went to Welbeck to talk to her, not happening so far though!


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I've known people (not really friends) who have gone through Welbeck and then decided to join as a soldier. One is in the RE and the other some other corps.

No fallout from what I've heard.
Got a mate who went to Welbeck, is now living the dream as a tom in the Parachute Regiment. No major dramas from what I've heard.
Can anyone help please, my daughter has been declined entry to welbeck and I was wondering if it is possible to apeal.

She is looking at a joining up and has always been interested in the Crabs as we live near to RAF Odiham. I advised her to take a look at AAC as well as this would give her another option as she only wants to go rotary. She saw ACIO at Basingstoke in March and they advised her to apply to Welbeck asap. She still wanted to join RAF as first choice so I took her to tri service center in Oxford to see them. They told her not to worry about Welbeck as she had ages and to apply in the summer after her exams. Last friday she went to see the Sgt at ACIO Basingstoke for some more advice and he said she had missed the boat as she should have applied by 1st April this year at latest.

Recruitment Sgt and Maj are helping her best they can and now she's getting more interested in AAC as they are really selling it to her and can poss help with education costs, not sure how all goes way over me. She has an interview being sorted out where they will explain about Sandhurst ect. I'm totally out of touch with what goes on these days as I have been out since 89. Any help and advice much appreciated. Hate being out of my depth but I am struggling to advise her as I joined as a very uneducated brat in JLRRA.
Unless something has changed very recently, Welbeck graduates are more or less always confined to commissioning into the technical corps (i.e. they are effectively barred from going AAC or indeed any other combat/combat support arm).

To maximise chances of getting into the AAC, she should get good A levels followed by a decent degree. While non-grad direct entry AAC officers do exist, they are as rare as hen's teeth. Other than that see all of the wealth of advice on the officer recruiting board. Be aware that the AAC (like being selected as a pilot in the RAF) is exceptionally competitive, so your cousin will have to be a very good candidate to have a chance of getting in.
brave-coward's advice is spot on, direct entry as an AAC officer is extremely competitive but having said that, it's not impossible. Best thing to do is try and get in touch with the SO3 Officer Recruiting at Middle Wallop who can arrange a fan visit etc. They'll also be able to provide the best advice about how to take things forward.
Thanks Bad CO, I believe thats what the recruiting Sgt is doing. He's trying to get a weeks work experience at middle wallop also for her but it is difficult at present as Odiham, Benson and Middle Wallop are all busy as staging posts for Olympics.
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