Welbeck Selection Process

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Hannah96, Dec 2, 2011.

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    Hi, has anybody recently been, or going through the Welbeck application process?
    I plan to go to Welbeck, and it would be good if anybody could give me any advice or is going through the same thing as me? Hannah​
  2. Welbeck Board

    INTRODUCTION. AOSB run two Welbeck Boards per year (Spring and Summer).
    Applications are coordinated and administered through an Army Careers Adviser. An
    outline of the selection process and programme is given below.

    Army Logo

    The Selection Process

    THE WELBECK BOARD. You will be divided into groups of eight, with boys and girls
    working together. It is important to remember that you are not competing against the
    other candidates. You are all being assessed against a common standard and your
    success is based entirely on your own performance. Equally, there is no single test by
    which you pass or fail – this is a series of assessments designed to give us an
    understanding of your officer potential. The officers assessing you will be interested in
    your approach to problems and challenges, and your attitude towards other members of
    the group – both as a team player and as a team leader. Successful candidates will
    have a strong maths and science academic background.

    Board Composition

    The Board consists of the following members:

    . PRESIDENT. A Brigadier.
    . ASSISTANT PRESIDENT. Principal Welbeck College
    . VICE PRESIDENT. A Colonel.
    . DEPUTY PRESIDENT. A Lieutenant Colonel.
    . GROUP LEADER. A Captain or Major.
    . EDUCATION ADVISER. A commissioned or retired Army Education Officer.

    Programme - Day One

    ARRIVAL. Those arriving on a Monday should be at Westbury by 11.45 am. Candidates
    arriving later in the week must be at Westbury by 10.30 am on the stated day of arrival.

    INTRODUCTORY TALK. After lunch, the President of the Board, an Army Brigadier and
    the Principal of Welbeck College, will give an introductory talk, which will include some
    useful tips for the next day.

    MENTAL APTITUDE PROFILE TESTS. These consist of the following elements:

    . Verbal Reasoning Exercise. This will test your ability to think logically about
    written information.
    . Numerical Reasoning Exercise. This will test your ability to solve numerical
    . Abstract Reasoning Exercise. This will test your ability to solve practical

    The exercises take 70 minutes in all to complete; examples with instructions and advice
    can be downloaded from our website (Join as a Regular officer - British Army Website).

    WRITTEN TEST. An essay will assess your written communication skills.

    OUTDOOR TASKS. Later in the afternoon the leaderless outdoor tasks begin. A typical
    task might involve the group crossing a defined space without touching the ground
    using ladders, ropes, poles and planks. You will usually have to carry a ‘burden’ with
    you – a heavy or awkward object that must be treated with care. There will be three
    different tasks, the first of which will be a tutorial session; this first task will not be

    INTERVIEWS. Just before supper you will be interviewed. All candidates will have a
    dual interview with their Vice President and Deputy President, as well as an interview
    with one of the Education Advisers. The style and tone of the interviews are relaxed and
    informal. You will probably be asked about your interests, academic ambitions and why
    you want to be an Army Officer.

    PLANNING EXERCISE TUTORIAL. After supper, you will receive a tutorial on how to
    approach the next day’s Planning Exercise. This session is not assessed. An example
    of the Exercise can be downloaded from our website (Join as a Regular officer - British Army Website).

    Programme - Day Two

    PLANNING EXERCISE. This theoretical written exercise tests your ability to use
    people, equipment and time effectively. You are given an hour to study the narrative
    and write up your solution. Then each group discusses the problem with the aim of
    reaching an agreed plan. Importance is attached to individual contributions and your
    reaction to the ideas of others. Finally you will be asked questions about aspects of the
    exercise to test whether you can think on your feet.

    500-METRE SPRINT. A short, sharp, best effort run.

    COMMAND TASKS. The next part of the morning is devoted to outdoor Command
    Tasks, where each member takes a turn at being in command of the group. The
    objective is to complete a specified practical task within a time limit. The Group Leader
    will brief you and give you a few minutes to develop a plan. You then explain the task
    and your plan to the rest of the group before executing it.

    INDIVIDUAL OBSTACLE COURSE. For the final morning task, individuals must
    negotiate an individual obstacle course with the objective of completing as many
    obstacles as possible within a set time limit.

    What Happens Next?

    The Board staff start assessing candidates after the Individual Obstacles. This is the
    first time the assessors discuss the candidates, and every point raised by the Group
    Leader, the Deputy President and the Education Adviser is explored in detail. The
    results of the Board are passed to the Army Recruiting Group, based in Upavon,
    Wiltshire, who will inform all candidates of their provisional result within one week.
    Success will ultimately depend on your GCSE grades.

    If you pass, you will have demonstrated that you have the potential to be an Army
    Officer, via Welbeck College and university. You will also have rightly earned yourself a
    place at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, provided you pass the Army medical.

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  3. I went through it in 2009, I was really nervous when I went but I actually really enjoyed it, my top tip would be to prepare for the interviews and to be reading up about current affairs!
    On the assault course just keep going im quite small so I struggled with some of the points but just skip it go to the next then go back and keep going theyre not going to fault you for working hard!
    The above person is right your not competing against the others but remeber its about showing you can be an officer, theres times where you have to be a team and a times when you need prove yourself as an idividual.
    Have you researched fully into welbeck, about the corps you can go into, they have just extended it to more.
    PM me if you want more info on welbeck or the selection :)
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  4. Hey, i know this is really old but on their website it says You have to Be able to do pressups, situps And run etc. Is this done at the start of type course or the end or throughout?
  5. There's a selection procedure?
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  15. One of my cadets started Welbeck this month on a engineering scholorship, her selection was basically full RAF OASC at Cranwell after getting through the initial CIO interviews ,then getting the right GCSE results, full fitness test , leadership ,board ,aptitude etc were part of Cranwell.